Yihua PS-305D : 30v 5a DC Power Supply for Mobile Repairing

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Yihua digital 30v 5a dc power supply is the best to a power supply under 7000/-.

Brand Name YIHUA 305D
Colour  white/blue
Display Technology LED
Power Source DC



Yihua has recently launched its new range of products and one of them is  PS-305D, a 30v 5a Dc Power Supply suitable for mobile, laptop computer repair, electronic production.

Yihua PS-305D DC Power Supply-

PS-305DM has an output constant current adjusting facility which makes it the best choice for many mobile repairing professionals. The overload protection circuit with voltage-current adjustment makes it one of the top choices in the 30v 5a Dc Power Supply category.

Who can buy PS-305D Dc Power Supply?

As I mentioned its best choice for mobile computer laptop repairing, electronic production, apart from that Yihua PS-305D DC power supply is ideal for-

  • Scientific Research
  • Product development
  • Laboratories
  • Universities

Why buy Yihua PS-305D?

Here are some reason to buy Dc power supply online

  1. High accuracy and Reliability
  2. circuit overload protection
  3. Lower ripple voltage
  4. Good heat dissipation
  5. Constant voltage and current operation

Yihua PS-305D DC Power Supply Price –

The price of PS-305D 30v 5a Power Supply on amazon is 6498/- INR.


1 review for Yihua PS-305D : 30v 5a DC Power Supply for Mobile Repairing

  1. Bhopal Singh

    One of the best kind 30v 5a Dc Power Supply. As a technician, I appreciate this machine for its Easy operation and accurate output parameter. It is best suitable for all type of repairing work.

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