Best Wire Nail Machine for Furniture and Construction Wire Nails

Brand GWP
Type Automatic
Wire diameter 2-2.9mm
Nail Length 12-65mm


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Nail making process needs an efficient machine and it defines the quality of wire nail. If you are in the search for the best wire nail making machine then let us allow to introduce the one for you.

GN2 Wire Nail Making Machine

You are here because you want to buy the best machine, so lets us introduce you GN2 wire nail making machine ideal for furniture & construction Wire nails Use. A 2 horsepower wire nail machine Produce 1” to 2.5” Length of nails. Before you make any decision, let us tell you about its price, features, and common information which you need to know.

Features: GN2 is a product of well-known machine manufacturer GWP aka Gujarat wire products. Here are some features of This Wire nail making machine –

  • High Production machine, can produce 300-400 per minute.
  • 1-2.5″ nail length perfect for construction work.
  • No manual work, automatic mode for the convenience

Automatic Wire Nail Making Machine Price:

The price of the GN2 wire making machine in India is 1.25l. You can directly contact to the Gujarat Wire product to buy this machine online.

About the Company

GWP is established in 1970 with an aim to offer high-quality Nail Making Machine, Wire Drawing Machine which is manufactured in India. The head office of GWP is located in Rajkot.

Today they have launched several machine-like Iron Wire Nail Making Machine, Automatic Nail Making Machine, Wire Nail Making Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, Chequered Header Grinder etc.

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