Tweezer set for mobile, laptop and other Electronics Equipments

High Quality pagkis Tweezers set

TYPE Tweezer
MATERIAL Stainless steel
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As a repairing professional we need a third eye to see microelement of any gadget ina form of tools. For example, a microscope to see the small PCB components or a tweezer in our case to picking up objects too small to be easily handled with the fingers.

Tweezers for mobile repairing and electronics

Pagkis os offering non-magnetic stainless steel tweezer at the best price online in Inda. These tweezers are best for mobile repairing, laptop repairing and jewellery work.

Package includes – The whole package includes the set of 5 tweezers


  • Squeeze to close tweezers.
  • Complete stainless steel for the durability of tweezers.
  • Great for beading and other fine crafts.
  • You can hold them firmly without slipping or rotating.
  • Multipurpose, they can be used in Medical, laboratory work, cosmetic hair removal, watch and clock repair.

Who can buy this Tweezer set?

it is good for mobile/laptop repair, watchmakers, jewellers, rhinestones, studs, gems, card making scrapbooks, sewing, stitching etc.

Tweezer uses:

  • Tweezers used as a tool to manipulate small objects like surface-mount, electronic parts, and small mechanical parts.
  • Stamp collectors use tweezers to handle postage stamps which, while large enough to pick up by hand, could be damaged by handling.
  • Tweezers are also used in kitchens to remove bones from fillets of fish in pin boning process.

Mobile Repairing Tweezers price:

This multipurpose tweezer set of 5 available online in India in just 379/-.The Pagkis 5 in 1 tweezer is highly popular and listed in #10 position in Industrial tweezer category,

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