Best selling Tweezer set for Electronics Repair in India

High-Quality Themisto tweezers set 5-piece

TYPE Tweezer
MATERIAL Stainless steel
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Handle the delicate components of electronics gadgets and perform circuit board repair with ease by using high-quality Themisto 5 in 1 tweezers set.

Tweezer set for electronics Repairing

Themisto is offering non-magnetic stainless steel tweezer set for all your electronic repairing needs.
It is shockproof and comes with a human friendly design which makes it easy to handle. Te 5 different specification and configuration of tweezer gives additional flexibility.

Package includes – The whole package includes the set of 5 tweezers [ 1 x Themsito (9): Slim Tip Point Straight (5.2 inch) + 1 x Themsito (2A): pointed Round (4.7 inch) + 1 x Themsito (5): Pin Point (4.7 inch) + 1 x Themsito (AA): Highly Elastic Tip Point (4.8 inch) +1 x Themsito (7A): Curved point Angled (4.5 inch) ] + storage box so that you can keep your tools in perfect order.


  • Straight, bent down, and bent sideways Tweezers
  • Complete stainless steel for the durability of tweezers.
  • Great for beading and holding electronic objects
  • You can Hold it firmly without any fear of slipping.
  • Multipurpose, they can be used in Medical, laboratory work, clock repair.

Who can buy this Tweezer set?

It is good for mobile/laptop repairing professional, watchmakers, jewellers etc. You can also explore the tweezers for mobile repairing for your specific needs.

Tweezer uses:

  • Tweezers used as a tool to manipulate small objects like surface-mount, electronic parts, and small mechanical parts.
  • Stamp collectors use tweezers to handle postage stamps which, while large enough to pick up by hand, could be damaged by handling.
  • Tweezers are also used in kitchens to remove bones from fillets of fish in pin boning process.

Themisto Tweezers set-5 piece price:

The price of this powder-coated Themisto 5 in 1 Stainless Steel Tweezer Set online in India is 339/-. This Themisto Tweezer set for electronics repair is highly popular and holds the #1 position in Industrial tweezer category,

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