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Best Thermal paste for CPU

Machines are used to make human work easier and it needs proper maintenance in order to work smoothly in the long term and the same goes to Laptops and computers. if you are a mobile or laptop repairing professional then you are aware of the heating problem inside the CPU which can lead to the whole system crash. There are a lot of issues which can lead to system failure. 

Thermal paste for the CPU eliminates air gaps from the interface area in order to maximize heat transfer and dissipation. 

If you are searching for the best thermal compound paste then we would like to introduce ARCTIC MX-4, a high-performance carbon-based heat sink paste which is widely popular and best selling thermal paste in 2020.

ARCTIC MX-4: Thermal paste for CPU-

As you know, the AMD’s heat spreaders are slightly higher in the middle and on the contrary Intels have higher edges. So Intel’s CPU needs to take care of air gaps. This paste creates an interface between heat sinks and high-power semiconductor devices. It improves the heat coupling between components and as a result, it works smoothly in the long run.

Features: This product is widely popular and currently listed in #1 position in the heat sink paste and Thermal paste for CPU category. Here are some features which make this thermal compound paste best among others – 

  • Eliminate Air gaps quickly and preserves the processor
  • It does not add mechanical strength to the bond between the heat sink and heat source
  • Carbon Based thermal compound paste
  • Nice Design and convenient to use.
  • Multi-use can be used in IC’s and other Chip

All these features make ARCTIC MX-4,  best Thermal paste for CPU and the reason behind its popularity.


Thermal Paste Uses- 

The main work of Thermal paste is to improve the heat coupling between different components of CPU.

The most common application is to drain away waste heat generated by electrical resistance in semiconductor devices like power transistors, CPUs, GPUs and LED COBs.

Cooling these devices is essential because excess heat rapidly degrades their performance and can cause a runaway to catastrophic failure of the device.

PCs and laptops typically incorporate thermal paste between the top of the CPU case and a heat sink for cooling.

Note: When applying the thermal paste in the CPU, just make sure you don’t use any object which can cause static electricity.

Thermal paste for CPU Price –

There are various types of thermal paste available especially for CPU. Although, the price can range between 500-1500. The price of arctic MX-4 thermal compound paste is 1499 and currently, you can buy it online on 989/-, Yes the company is offering a 510 discount for the limited time.

The thermal compound also is known as thermal thermal gel, heat paste, heat sink compound, heat sink paste or CPU grease. If you came here to know Thermal paste for CPU price then I hope you get all your queries answered.

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Why do you need to buy MX-4 Thermal Compound Paste?

This thermal paste is multipurpose, it can be used in both home and office. As you know, every PC user feels frustrated when the processor of PC heats. The temperature of the CPU is as low as better.

Most of the CPU does not have the best cooling performance, and it has created a need for aftermarket coolers for thermal performance enhancement. The dilemma is the thermal paste with that cooler are not the quality one.

We highly recommend you to purchase a high quality ARCTIC MX-4 thermal paste to preserve the CPU and its longevity.

Honest Review:

You have to clean the CPU surface and the metal centre of the fan which contacts the CPU, apply a little bit of this thermal compound paste for CPU after you put that in the attachment and lock it.

Now apply some to the copper centre of your CPU fan very little however and afterwards deliberately put the fan get together and plug it this will help lessen the temperature for at any rate 10 to 15 degrees. Old laptops or gaming laptops have some common problem with heating and it has some amazo=ing results for them.

It sticks to 8 years, so once you buy it, you can have it for 8 years, whether you use it on CPU or Store it. Another reason to choose Arctic MX4 over AS5 is that MX4 is electrically non-conductive. This would be beneficial if by any chance if the compound spreads over the ceramic capacitor surrounding the CPU die, there would be no problem.

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