T7000 Glue – Super Glue for Phone Repairing Online

Compatible Material Wood, Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Fabric
Brand DZK
Item Volume 50 Milliliters
Full Cure Time 48 Hours
Water Resistance Level Water Resistant


T7000 Glue is one of the most selling glues for mobile phones and is widely popular due to its price, effectiveness, and durability. T-7000 is not only used in mobiles but also used in the woods, repairing all kinds of cracked items and wall decorations. A multi-purpose adhesive pasting glue has industrial-grade adhesive power which is 100% waterproof that makes it incredibly strong.

Multi-purpose – Great for gluing 

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Why should you buy t-7000 Glue?

  • Multi-purpose glue, best for gluing D.I.Y. wood finish, repairing cracked items, and more
  • Industrial-grade adhesive power which is 100% waterproof and incredibly strong.
  • Glue for Repairing – Penetrates the finest micro-fractures, pores, and cracks
  • Can be used on flat, vertical, uneven, and overhead surfaces.
  • Works on Various Surfaces including rubber, metal, ceramics, plastic, glass, wood, and more

T 7000 Adhesive Glue Uses-

D.I.Y. wood finish, repairing cracked items, sticking wall decorations and more

b7000 vs t7000 Glue-

There is a lot of debate among mobile adhesive glue customers that whether b7000 mobile glue is best or the t7000 adhesive. There is not any big difference both of them melt in the heat and both are ideal for the majority of uses.

For us, the main difference is their color, b7000 is transparent on the other side, and t7000 glue is black. for Back glass-only repairs we will recommend the t7000 instead of b7000 glue. The majority of the phone repairing professionals have been switched to t7000 glue to stick down the back glass from the phones.

Online Visibility – Currently it is one of the top-selling adhesive glue on Amazon and other marketplaces. If you are looking for phone repairing glue then this is ideal for you. It is widely searched on marketplaces with Adhesives Slime Toys Sealers, Wood Glue, Liquid White Glues, glue sticks for kids, glue for mobile back cover, and other search terms due to its multi-purpose use.

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t 7000 glue price- 255 INR (*Limited Time)

Compatible Material Fabric, Metal, Plastic, Wood, Rubber
Full Cure Time 48 hours hours

Product: T 7000 Glue for mobile phone Repairing Online India


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