Square File Tool Set online at Best Price

6 piece square file tool set for home and professional use-

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Do you face issues on removing a small amount of wood or metal from the workplace? now you don’t have to worry about it, because a square file tool is here for you.

The Unique Design 6 pcs square file made with carbon steel, all the rasps file set designed for long-lasting cutting performance. Six different designs of the hand metal files increase the ranges of application.

Promote the cutting efficiency with Square File Tool Set-

Whether it is a keyhole or a turning around drill hole into a square hole a square file tool is a necessity. The square file comes with a square cross-section which is easily made right-angled notches.

  • Durable Gear Pattern
  • Comfortable Rubberized Handle
  • Carbon Steel Materials

It is currently listed in #12,052 in Home Improvement and #26 in Files & Rasps category on Amazon.

Square steel File uses:

This small hand tools needle file set can use for removing, refining, reshaping and scraping projects.

They are ideal for shaping wood, metal, jewellery, mirror, glass, tile, ceramics, leather and plastic that require detail precision work on small surfaces and tight areas

Package includes Flat steel file, flat warding steel file, square steel file, triangular steel file, round steel file, and half-round steel file (equaling file).

Needle File Set Size: 4x160cm

Square File tool set Price:

The Price of this square file Tool set is 999/- online in India, please check the latest price before the final payment.

Product: Square file set for stone, jewellery, and metalwork at Best Price


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