Soldering iron in Low Price for Mobile Phone Repair

Shop for the latest technology durable Soldering Iron in low price for all your electronic repairing Need!

BRAND NAME Electronic Spices
Type Soldering Iron
Power 25W
SKU: SI01 Category:


In electronic repairing, broken or loose joints always lead to the difficulty in the functioning of gadget. It becomes a necessity to melt solder so that it can flow into the joints, and for that, we need soldering iron. If you are searching for low price soldering iron under 100 rupees then you are in the right place. This soldering iron specially designed for home and small electronic repair works.

Electronicspices Soldering Iron for PCB Work

This soldering iron kit is a 25-watt  which is best in the industry for PCB related works. The Solder melts at approximately 185°C, and this low price Soldering iron is designed to reach a temperature range of 200°-480°C. The temperature-controlled soldering iron is best for a variety of electronic repair.

The soldering tip compatibility, quality is good and the handle is comfortable. It is listed in #11 position in the Soldering Equipment category in major online tools shopping sites.

Why do we recommend this Soldering Iron?

Soldering process needs the right set of tools and equipment. At your workplace, you need good PCB holder for mobile, tweezers, and the whole soldering iron kit which is durable, easy to use and This soldering iron is durable, easy to handle and most important you can buy it on just 99/-.

Topic: Best soldering Iron under 100 for Mobile Repairing


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