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Its time to fix the Samsung j2 dead phone problem by replacing the S2MPU04 power IC

  • Compatible for the Samsung Galaxy J2.
  • Voltage Ranges from 2.7V ~ 5.0V
  • Tiny Size- 4.79X4.84
  • Tested by experts before shipping


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If you unbox the smartphone with the help of professional mobile repairing tools, you will find the power section of the mobile phone. In this section, you will find the SMD capacitor around the power IC. the primary function of power IC is to supply the power from battery to the other part of the smartphone.

S2MPU04 IC for Samsung Galaxy J2 –

If something goes wrong with the power ic of Samsung j2, the mobile phone can lead to the dead.

And in Samsung mobile phone, you can solve the dead phone by replacing the s2mpu04 ic. This ic is best known for Samsung galaxy j2 power ic.

S2MPU04 IC –

S2MPU04 Power IC is a widely used IC used in Samsung Galaxy J2. As you already know Samsung power IC rethinks the way products to bring efficient energy innovation to the new mobile phones.

Samsung j2 power ic price –

the price of j2 power ic is 200/- you can also buy the other mobile phone ic like PMI 8940, MediaTek ic and other mobile repairing tools as well.

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  1. Rahman Karimnagar

    greater efficiency from power management, best for samsung galaxy j2 mobile phone

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