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Buy the best Quickfix Solder paste flux online pack of 2 (50+50) 100 mg-

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SUITABLE FOR Electric soldering
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Whether you are doing soldering work on a mobile, laptop or any other electronic equipment, it needs perfection. To do so, one needs an effective soldering paste flux. If you are planning to buy one for yourself- then Quickfix Soldering Paste flux is for you.

Quickfix Soldering Paste Flux –

It comes with 100 mg pack and facilitates the whole soldering process by making long-lasting mechanical and electrical bonds. A Soldering flux paste from a quick fix cleans oxidation. Increase the efficiency and accuracy of the soldering process with the best soldering flux paste.

Delcast Rosin Flux paste Features:

The quality of quick flux paste is super that’s why the mobile repairing professional loves it, here are some feature of this soldering paste-

  • It is filled in a metal box and preserves for a long time. The soldering flux paste is available in brown rosin rich paste.
  • The bright spot, low residue to make soldering more accurate
  • Prevents metal oxidation, ideal for electronic bonds

Quickfix Soldering Paste Flux price –

Electronic spics offering Quickfix Solder Paste Flux brown rosin-rich paste Pack Of 2, (50+50=100gram) in just 99/-. Give the true friend to your soldering station and male soldering more effective.

Buy the best Quickfix soldering flux paste online in India at the best price.

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  1. Sanjeeb Tiruchirappalli

    Flux is added to act as a temporary adhesive, holding the components until the soldering process melts the solder and fuses the parts and it is accurately done by Quickfix soldering paste

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