Quick 900 Best 3 in 1 SMD Machine with Heat Gun, 12W Soldering Irons, Extra Gun and 3 Nozzles

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High-Quality 3 in 1 SMD with Free shipping-

Power Consumption 270W
Brand Name Quick
Operating Temperature 150v-500v
Airflow type Brushless fan
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Many mobiles repairing professional prefer 5 in 1 or 3 in 1 SMD rework station, it is just like creating a workstation and making himself more productive. For those who are looking for the best 3 in 1 SMD rework, Quick 900 SMD will be the best choice.

Quick 900 3 in 1 SMD Rework Station

A medium-budget SMD reworks Station, Quick 900 comes with an adjustable  5v DC variable heat setting, Built-in Hot Air Gun and 12W Micro Soldering Iron, Battery Eliminator, 3x Air Gun Nozzles. All these functionalities are loaded in this SMD machine.

Below you will find when it comes to choosing 3 in 1 SMD over automatic, why to choose Quick 900 3 in 1-

Quick 900 SMD machine Features:

  • Runs on 270W mean lower power consumption
  • Auto power-off feature to prevent workplace damages.
  • Multi-purpose, used as air blower, rework station, power supply etc.
  • Noise-free along with ESD protection

Specifications: Temperature, air volume,  and noise key performance indicators for any tools and machine, below are some product specification of this 3 in 1 smd-

Noise < 45dB
Temperature Range 100℃-450℃
Air volume 120L/min (max)
Handle length 120cm

Product use:

Best suited for a variety of components desoldering but this SMD machine is best suited for mobile, laptop, desktop motherboard, mobile repair smd motherboard, smd soldering and repair.

Quick 900 SMD price in India

Quick 900 is top selling SMD in the Indian market. The product price is 2899/-. Which also make it the best SMD machine under 5000.

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2 reviews for Quick 900 Best 3 in 1 SMD Machine with Heat Gun, 12W Soldering Irons, Extra Gun and 3 Nozzles

  1. Akbar allahabad

    Good product it saves lot of time, you can consider when it comes to buy 3 in 1 SMD Machine online.

  2. Raushan Kanpur

    best 3 in 1 SMD Rework Station. a combo of high quality Micro Iron, Battery Eliminator and soldering station. Ideal for Mobile and Electronic Repair. I bought it online working fine.

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