Buy quick 858D smd rework station at Best price in India

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Anti Electrostatic Hot Air Rework Station Hot Air Gun 280 W Temperature Controlled

Model No. 858D
Brand Name Quick
VOLTAGE AC220v (110V need customize)
Air Pump Soft Airflow


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Quick 858D is a medium budget SMD rework station. If you are looking for reliable SMD machine and your budget is able 5000 then 858D SMD reworks station is for you.

A lot of mobile repairing professional recommended this model of Quick SMD machine because it makes ship level soldering process smooth.

Quick 858D SMD reworks station:

This SMD has closed-loop control sensors with a cooling system to maintain the temperature, apart from that below are some features of Quick 858D –

  • Digital LED temperature display Advantage
  • SMD tool Quick 858D uses an air pump for low vibration, noise-free design and maintain a quiet working environment
  • 850D is an SMD tool for safe demolition solder QFP, PLCC, SOP, BGA and other chips and components which are temperature-sensitive
  • Digital temperature display, Auto fan cut when placed on the holder,
  • Useful for repairing motherboards, circuit board.

Quick 858D SMD Machine price –

The price of this SMD machine on amazon 6500/- INR. The other and which comes in this budget range is Maxx pamma 900, BABA 850 AD SMD rework station.

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1 review for Buy quick 858D smd rework station at Best price in India

  1. Muskesh shop owner chennai

    I bought quick 858D smd rework station for my shop as my friend had suggested me. It’s serves the purpose well and the best thing is it doesn’t make much noise which was a measure issue with previous tool that I was using. I prefer calm atmosphere in my workplace so this quick 858D smd rework station just made for me.

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