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Round cylindrical nozzle shape, ideal for SMD chip component rework-

Model Number Quick 850A SMD
Temperature Setting 150C-500C
Number of Nozzle Included 3
Rate of Airflow 24
Suitable For SMD Chip Component Rework
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Quick 850A is a medium budget SMD rework station, which is widely popular in the Indian market. A lot of mobile repairing professional recommend this SMD machine for ship level soldering.

Quick 850A SMD reworks station:

This SMD has auto cut facility, and suitable for soldering and desoldering of mounted IC’s. The noise-free operation and temperature range of 100C-450C make it a better choice for anyone looking for SMD rework station online.

Product Specification: Quick 850A SMD –

This SMD comes with 270W heat gun and has a PID controlled loop of the sensor. The rapid heating functionality is also a huge plus of quick 850a SMD rework station.

Below are some features of Quick 850A SMD –

Power Consumption 270 W
Heat Setting Variable
Voltage 220 V
Amperage 5 Amperes
Number of Nozzle Included 3
Overload Protection Included Yes
Rate of Airflow 24
Material Iron
Colour White or Black
Number of Heat Settings 3

quick-850a-smd-machine- Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswarir?t=touinindholde 21&language=en IN&l=li2&o=31&a=B085BPTJHPPositive aspects of Quick 850A SMD:

Quick SMD is popular SMD’s in mobile repairing market and customers have positive reviews about Quick 850A SMD.  In a budget under 5000 is a good choice to go with.

More than 10,000 customers already bought this product and they rated this product 4 out of 5 in different review websites. For that reason, This is listed in the top 50 hot air gun of 2020.

Here are some positives of this SMD Rework station-

  • Round cylindrical nozzle shape for accuracy and efficiency.
  • strong iron material prevents accidental damage chances.
  • 3 Nozzles so that you can work without any hassle.
  • Operating temperature and nozzles specially designed for Chip level work.

You can choose the colour of Quick 850A SMD to rework station. the machine is available in black and white colour. It is often known as quick 850a hot air gun or a quick 850a soldering station. And its truly a wonderful SMD rework station.

Quick 850A SMD Machine price –

The quick 850a SMD rework station price in India is 2299/- INR. The other and which comes in this budget range is Maxx pamma 900, BABA 850AD SMD reworks station.

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2 reviews for Buy quick 850a smd rework station at Best price in India

  1. Giriraj

    I am running my shop here in Solapur, maharastra. My old SMD was recently damaged and went out of order, so I need to buy one. It was the features of Quick 850A that made me to buy one for my mobile shop.

    Fine product, good finish!

  2. Trivendram Mobiles Kerala

    quick 850a smd rework station is known for it’s accurate and moderate flow air gun. It is one of the best SMD rework station machines.
    I ordered one quick 850 smd machine form these websites. it is working very well now. Thanks, theshopcorner.

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