Buy quick 850a hot air gun handle online at Low Price india

The effective replacement of your SMD handle, make it alive again –  

COMPATIBLE 850/852/953
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Quick hot air gun handle online

We know how it feels when the hot air gun handles don’t function well, and you stuck while doing soldering work. To solve this problem here is a brand new quick 850a hot air gun handle! 

A durable reliable and most importantly compatible with quick 850a, 850d and other series of this SMD machine.

SMD Handle Features:

If you’re thinking to replace your SMD machine just for the shake of its handle then think twice. By replacing its handle you can make it alive. This is the direct benefit of yours and below are some more reasons for hot air gun handle replacement –

  • Suitable for hot air rework station products with a supply voltage of 200-240V
  • Gas piping inner diameter: 10mm
  • Gas piping outer diameter: 14mm
  • Suitable for 850 hot air station or other derived series of products such as 852 and 953.

hot air gun handle replacement

The handle replacement is an easy task for a person dealing with SMD and has relevant experience, You can check the manual and do accordingly and make your Quick 850a smd alive again. The hot air gun handle is similar to quick 858d handle, and quick 900 smd so you can easily replace in other SMD machine too.

Note: It is only an accessory and itself does not have any power supply, so it can not exercise the function alone. It is recommended to buy with relevant expertise.

Special offer applied with this SMD Machine handle for limited period!

Quick SMD handle price:

As we already mention that Quick SMD is highly popular in the Indian market, so the prices are regulated and steady from the inception. you can purchase SMD handle for quick 850a and 850d in just 1099/- online in India.

Special Mention: It is listed in #231 position in major online shopping platforms in Soldering Equipment category 

Product: Buy SMD machine handle at best price online India



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