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MU005X02 Charging Charger IC Chip for Samsung Galaxy A3(2017)/J7(2016)

  • Supply Voltage: 5V
  • Model Number: MU005X02
  • Application: Mobile Phone
  • Operating Temperature: 0-100
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Dealing issue with the charging ic of j7 prime mobile phone? Replace the damaged Samsung J7 prime charging IC with the mu005x02 ic compatible with Samsung j7.

mu005x02 charging IC for Samsung mobiles–

This Samsung mobile ic is also known as mu005x02 ic charging ic. Whereas many mobiles repairing shop owner looking for the mu005x02 ic compatibility and mu005x02 ic price, here we have explained both of them in an easy way.

mu005x02 High-Quality Charging IC compatible with Samsung J7 Prime!

mu005x02 Charging IC Price :

The price of mu005x02 charging ic is varying as per the demand of the market and the global market. The price of this ic is around 250-350 INR. You can check the latest prices and common android mobile charging problems by visiting this link before you buy mu005x02 charging IC online.

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  1. Sangram Mobile Point Jodhpur

    Best Samsung J7 Prime charging ic. the product is good, nicely packed and prompt delivery.

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