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Mobile repairing is a skill and it can lean many ways, you can join an institution for classroom training or a service centre or you can join a mobile repairing course online. One thing is sure that there is a lot of employment opportunity for a skilled mobile professional.

Mobile Repairing course Online –

For those who want to learn mobile repair at home, we are announcing a new online mobile repairing course which consists step by step guide to repairing mobile phone and complete guidance on getting ob or starting his own mobile repairing shop or mobile service centre

Online mobile repairing Training Course Syllabus

The complete course is designed to make you a specialist in mobile phone repairing, hence the syllabus is based on a detailed approach, below are the key highlights of online mobile phone repairing training program.

Mobile Phone Repairing Tools

The course starts with the basic introduction of mobile phone terminology after that you will learn about various tools used in mobile phone repairing. You have to get expert skills to work on those tools in order to become the android phone repairing specialist, below are some key highlights of this section –

  • Soldering Tools & Equipment
  • Soldering Iron, soldering wire stand and Soldering Station
  • Choosing the best quality PCB Holder and Jumper Wire
  • Use of Soldering Wire, Thinner / PCB Cleaner / IPA Cleaner
  • Precision Screwdriver T4, T5, T6 for Mobile Phone Repairing
  • Hot Air Blower/ Hot air station for Mobile Phone Repairing
  • Digital Multimeter Guide and Tutorial with Instructions
  • How to do Soldering efficiently?

Once you get an understanding of the various tool, you will get to know about card level repairing of mobile phone. In this section of mobile repairing course online you will understand the following things –

  • What are the Card Level Mobile Parts?
  • What is the Frequency and Frequency Band?
  • Resonant Circuit or Tuned Circuit
  • Types of Filters and Their Function
  • Types of Diode and Their Function

The third stage we will uncover the mobile phone PCB, this is the most important part of this online mobile training, and most crucial too. Below are some highlights of this section-

  • Mobile Phone Parts Identification
  • How to Identify Parts & Components on PCB?
  • Mobile Phone Repairing Testing Methods
  • Mobile Phone Fault Finding
  • Surface Mount Electronic Components
  • Surface Mount Chip Resistor Guide
  • SMD Capacitor, SMD Coil, SMD Transformer Guide
  • Surface Mount Transistor and Their Function

Fault Finding and troubleshooting

  1. How to Solve Ringer Fault in any Mobile?
  2. Mobile Keypad Not Working Problem and Solution
  3. Phone Screen Touch (PDA) Not Working Troubleshooting
  4. Mobile Cell Phone Display Not Working Problem and Solution
  5. How to Solve Vibrator Fault in any Mobile?
  6. Mobile SIM Not Working fault finding and solution
  7. How to Solve Light or LED Fault in any Mobile Phone?
  8. Cell Phone Network Not Working Problem and Solution
  9. How to Solve Light or LED Fault in any Mobile Cell Phone
  10. Phone Battery Charging Problem and Solution
  11. How to Solve Microphone Fault in any Mobile Cell Phone

Online mobile repairing course Fees –

You can contact us to know the complete course fees and schedule of this mobile repairing course online. apart from that, you will get the following benefits –

Extra Benefits:

  • Best Mini Soldering Station in India for Mobile Phone Repairing
  • Mobile Phone Repairing Tools Supplier in India
  • Top Mobile Cell Phone Manufacturers in the world
  • Best Leading Mobile Cell Phone Manufacturers
  • Static Electricity and Anti Static Protection repairing Guide

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