Fast Charging Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (Black)

Fast Charging mi power bank 10000mah online in India with 6 months Warranty-

MODEL NAME 10000mAh 2i Power Bank
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Whether you are a travel freak or busy on a 9 to 5 job, a power bank is a necessity. If you are in the middle of your search for the best power bank than you are in the right place.

We would like to introduce you the Mi power bank 10000mah, an 18W Fast charging power bank made for people like you.

Mi power bank 10000mah

As you know Mi is always on the top when it comes to mobile and gadget and same foes to mi power bank 2i, a Li-Polymer power bank with slick and stylish design. Its not only a power bank you can call is a portable powerhouse which has the ability to charge your mobile phone quickly.

Why Buy 10000mah Mi power bank?

The all-new design features dual USB output with two-way fast charging, it means you no longer to compromise with the size and quality. Below are some feature, benefits and reason to choose this power bank –

  • Double USB Output 9V |2A
  • 4-6 hours Full charging Time
  • Ability to charge 3000mAh phone battery 2.1 times

This power is highly popular in the Indian market, and currently in #32 position in the electronics category and #1 mobile portable power bank category in major online shopping platforms.

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The new range of smartphone power bank start from a mere Rs 799 for a 10000mAh variant, with its quality Li-Polymer 10000mah Mi power bank price is the very good and best part is, it comes with a 6-month warranty.

If travelling is your hobby, or you often go for weekend gateways then Mi power bank 10000mah is a great addition in your accessories

Product: Best 10000mah Mi power bank online in India 2020


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