Maxx Pamma LED Reading Table/Desk Lamp with Illumination Magnifying Glass

Buy LED Reading lamp specially designed for mobile repairing work by Maxx Pamma –

Voltage 12V
Power Consumption 6-10W
Lighting Type LED
Type Table/Desk


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LED reading lamps emit light in the visible spectrum, so they are less harmful then incandescent light bulbs. In a work where we need to focus for a long time like reading or any kind of repair, there is a need for led reading lamps to prevent the eyes.

Maxx Pamma LED Reading Lamp

Maxx pamma, a leading mobile repairing tool manufacturer based in Delhi. They have recently launched an LED reading lamp which is ideal for home, office, studio, or a workplace.

Features: Before you buy this LED Reading lamp let’s see some of its features which makes it popular product across online shopping platforms-

  • Eye Protection: High frequency eliminating strobe light.
  • LED Illuminated Magnifying Glass Table Lamp
  • Shock Proof: No risk of Electric shock
  • 5 Times Enlarged Mobile Phone Repair Welding.
  • Low power consumption saves almost 80% of electricity.

2 in 1 LED Reading Table/Desk Lamp with Illumination Magnifying Glass

Uses: Maxx pamma is known for tool and machine manufacturing for mobile repairing but this product is multipurpose, it is ideal for industry, study, offices and all other places.

Price: The price of Maxx pamma led reading lamp is 600 online in India. for those who are looking for led reading lamp especially for repairing work, choose Maxx pamma led light table lamp. Apart from that, we are the top supplier of quick 999 separators, mastech ms5902 and other mobile repairing tools.

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