Maxx Pamma 900 SMD with Micro Soldering iron & Battery booster

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Buy the best SMD rework station of 2020, buy Maxx pamma 900 SMD rework station online in India

  • Soldering station with micro Pen Iron.
  • Battery Booster Power Supply (5-12 volts)
  • Hot gun with ring cover pipe (auto cut function).


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If you are facing issues with your SMD rework station and want to switch into a new and latest SMD, then Maxx Pamma 900 would be a good choice.

Maxx pamma 900 SMD

There are many SMD rework station is available in the market. you can do a google search and you will find various brands selling SMD rework stations. but the thing which makes Maxx pamma SMD rework station different from other is –

  • Latest SMD in the market 2020.
  • 3 in 1 comes with soldering iron and micro pen iron.
  • It’s 100% plastic burns free.

Yes, you heard right, now you don’t have to worry about soldering process, this SMD rework station is safe to work with, and this quality makes Maxx pamma 900 SMD, the top pick for you.

Maxx pamma 900 Product Specification:

The best part of this Maxx pamma smd is, it’s 3 in 1 ability and this is the reason it is widely popular in the market. The components including heat gun, soldering station, are finest in terms of quality. below are some more specifications of this rework station –


Maxx pamma 900 price

Now its time to reveal the price of this 3 in 1 auto cut SMD: It is 2,999/- on amazon with free shipping. friends with these qualities and budget prices. it is one of the top-selling SMD rework stations of 2020.

About Maxx pamma Tools :

Maxx pamma is a mobile repairing tool manufacture. they have introduced SMD and dc power supply to India in a way back in 2006. with 22+ models of different mobile repairing tools and machines. Here are some products, you can buy from Maxx pamma –

The best part is, It is manufactured by Maxx pamma, you can Maxxx Pamma visit the official website from here. so all Maxx pamma mobile repairing tools and machines are made in India origin.

Buy Mobile Repairing Tools, IC, OCA Machines and more at

Topic: Maxx Pamma 900 SMD Rework Station Under 3000 in India | Available On Amazon

5 reviews for Maxx Pamma 900 SMD with Micro Soldering iron & Battery booster

  1. Bhubaneswar SMD Reworks

    I have watched many demo videos of maxx pamma 900 SMD. So I tried to visit Maxx pamma official website. but it seems they don’t have one. Maxx pamma smd rework stations are always up to the mark. it’s a good choice if you are looking for a Maxx pamma heat gun or SMD Rework station.

  2. Mobiles Info Tools

    Maxx Pamma 900 SMD soldering station is best for soldering repairing work. It is best especially design and best suitable for Mobile repairing works. It is one of the oldest brands of soldering stations know for his quality.

  3. Ahmed Nishad

    I bought this SMD a year back from Hyderabad’s top tools wholesaler, not the supreme but you can buy it. soldering is up to the mark with with 900 SMD.

  4. Rajendran | Dombivli

    I was searching for smd machine low price for my mobile repairing shop here in Dombivli. finding a genuine and original smd machine and made in india was my priority and it make me to buy maxx pamma 900.

    It is something i was looking for, excellent smd machine auto cut, built in air pump.

    One of the finest smd machine for laptop motherboard repairing, and mobile repairing with ease.

  5. ratnesh | Rohtash

    I was actively searching for any 3 in 1 smd machine, first i think to choose quick 900 but finally make a decision to buy maxx pamma 900 smd rework station.

    it is working find, very less noise and smooth. The quality of heat gun, soldering iron is just perfect. If you are from chennai then you can visit my shop to see the impact of this smd machine.

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