Buy mastech ms5902 socket tester & Circuit breaker finder

Buy the best Circuit breaker finder and socket tester online: Buy mastech ms 5902 –

Brand Name Mastech
Colour  Green
Extended Length 144.00 millimetres
Height 10.2 cms
Item Volume 10.00 cms
Item Weight 150 gms



mastech ms5902 Circuit breaker Finder

The task of Circuit Breaker Finder/Socket Tester (MS5902) is to find correct breaker or fuse and test socket. MASTECH MS5902 Circuit Breaker Finder is a friend of any electronic repairing professional. You can see it is both a signal transmitter and a socket tester. The LED indicators, function selector is also a plus.

ms5902 circuit breaker and socket tester :

An electronic circuit is complicated, and when there is an issue, one thing we need to do is troubleshooting. a Circuit breaker has two-part a transmitter and a receiver.

When the receiver passes over the circuit breaker carrying the electronic signal from the transmitter, the receiver rapidly beeps and flashes. It’s as simple as that.

The price of mastech ms5902 socket tester is 4593/- INR.



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