Lw-K3010d : 30v 10a DC Power Supply at Best Price India

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Longwe 30v 10a dc power supply Featuring high accuracy and reliability.

  • Single phase, single output.
  • Perfect line protection function.
  • High-precision LED digital display
  • Fine adjustment knob



Longwei offering K3010d, the best 30v 10a Power Supply suitable for high precision testing.

LW-K3010D DC Power supply

LW-K3010D is a 30v 10a Dc Power Supply with Digital Led Display the best part of this DC power supply is its regulated supplies allowing continuous adjustment of both the output voltage and output current levels. 

Who can buy Longwei LW-K3010D Dc Power Supply?

The Lw-K3010d 30v 10A digital DC power supply is best suited for electronic and communication equipment maintenance. It is ideally suited to Spectrophotometer and Lab Equipment Repair.

Brand Name LONGWEI
Colour WHITE
Ean 7452211839390
Number of Items 1
Part Number LW-K3010D
Size 16X22X7 CM

This 30v 10a dc power supply specially designed for factory maintenance and scientific research, product development, laboratories, schools and electronic production lines.

LW-K3010D 30V 10Amp Power supply specification:

  • Using multi-circle wire-wound potentiator with high efficiency.
  • The cooling system for an intelligent temperature control fan.
  • Set of posts could dual-use (insert or connect), prevent the heat of the post and loose.
  • Excellent heat dissipation effectively extends the life of the fan and reduce noise.
  • fine adjustment knob to make the setting more precise.

Longwei K3010D DC Power Supply Price –

The price of this 30v 10a Power Supply on amazon is 9,999/- INR. You can also buy dc power supply 30v 5a if you are a mobile repairing technician.

If you want to repair the car and motorbike or electronics gadget. It is a quiet and easy to control item.

1 review for Lw-K3010d : 30v 10a DC Power Supply at Best Price India

  1. Rahul Kanpur

    DC Regulated Power Supply 0-30V/10A are constant Voltage & Current Constant type supplies, have high regulation for Load & Line Voltage, and it was the reason I want to buy this.

    It is working fine, It has three LED displays with four digits, which shows the voltage, the current and the power. The power output display can be quite handy in many situations. As this is a multi-purpose power supply it has another cool feature, and that’s an USB interface which provides 5V at 2A output.

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