Longwe DC Power Supply | Best 30v 5a Power Supply India

Buy Longwe PS-305DM 30v 5a Power Supply India in 2020.

  • Single output, single phase
  • 110V/220 ±10% input voltage, dual-input voltage.
  • Current limitation protection
  • Good quality, cost-effective



Longwei offering PS-305DM the best DC power supply suitable for high precision testing. PS-305DM has an output constant current adjusting facility which makes it the best choice for many mobile repairing professionals.

Who can buy Longwei PS-305DM Dc Power Supply?

The PS-305DM 30 A digital DC power supply is best suited for electronic and communication equipment maintenance. But if you are looking for a dc power supply which can also work on laboratory, product lines, scientific research and teaching purpose then you can buy this brand new Longwei PS-305DM Power Supply.

Longwei PS-305DM Power Supply Price –

The price of this 30v 5a Power Supply on amazon is 7998/- INR.


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