Lohia 777 OCA Machine


Lohia 777 LCD Repair Machine in India

TYPE Screen Laminating Machine
Lamination Time 30s/pcs
Bubble Removing Time 5-10 m
Warranty 24 month


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OCA machines are in-demand product, the market is full of LCD glass replacement machines. But if you allow us then we would like to present you Lohia 777 OCA Machine, a medium budget, high-quality Machine for smooth Glass replacement.

Lohia 777 OCA Machine for LCD Screen Repair

Lohia 777 oca is a 4 part oca machine which comes with lamination chamber, air compressor, vacuum pump, and bubble remover. the air compressor which includes in this is from outstanding.

Features: Lohia 777 oca machine is a medium budget made in India LCD glass replacement machine. Here are some reasons to choose this machine over others-

  1. 100% Accuracy: Automatic bubble-free laminating effect
  2. Single-button, fully automatic OCA Machine
  3. Completely Made in India Product
  4. Suitable for flat and edge LCD glass and temper glass
  5. Portable. easy to carry and takes less space

Lohia 777 OCA Machine Buying Guide –

In mobile glass replacement, it doesn’t matter what level of proficiency you have if you are working on the wrong machine, you will face a lot of issues. That’s why its necessary to do some research about the product and find the right YMJ oca lamination machine.

A Lohia OCA machine comes with bubble remover, 24L vacuum pump, laminating base mould and 1 edge mould. In our buying guide below, we have listed some benefits of buying Lohia oca machine online, tips and some common question are answered so that you find the high-quality LCD glass replacement machine.

Benefits of Lohia 777 OCA Lamination Machine

  • Small size, new design and Easy to operate
  • Precise location and portable.
  • Ideal for edge mobile phones: Samsung S6, S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8+

Package includes: laminating machine + 2L Vacuum Pump + Air compressor + Laminating Base Mould


The price of Lohia 777 oca lamination machine in India is 65000. With a laminating speed of 2 pc/minute and ~8 min bubble removing time. It’s a worthy product to buy online. The Lohia 777 Laminator is the best oca machine you will ever buy.

Final thoughts: Lohia 777 OCA Vacuum Laminator is the best machine for flat and edges mobile phone glass  Replacement.  As a business, we always want to invest in a long-lasting high-quality product which can work without any hassle, hence it is a wise choice.

Topic: Original Lohia 777 OCA Machine Online in India at Best Price


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