KEW 1021 Digital Multimeter with Large display with 6000 counts and Backlight

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kyoritsu kew 1021r Digital Multimeter for the best test and measurements



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If you don’t want any compromise with the quality of the product, allow us to present the new Kyoritsu Kew 1021R Digital multimeter.

Kyoritsu Kew 1021R Multimeter

Kyoritsu Kew 1021R is a high profile, a quality digital multimeter with an ample count of 6000. It is durable, 100 per cent safe and is available in black and green


  • Auto Range Dc clamp sensors
  • Continuity buzzer sound

Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter price:

The price of Kyoritsu KR 1021R Digital Multimeter online in India is 4935.

If you are registered business and have GST number then you can avail up to 28 per cent of GST input with Kyoritsu KR 1021R Digital Multimeter, it means you can save 1381 rupees.

Package includes: Wing-type holder, Flat-type holder, Test leads, Ceramic fuse, Carrying case, Instruction manual

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1 review for KEW 1021 Digital Multimeter with Large display with 6000 counts and Backlight

  1. Velappan Rajendran | Coimbatoor

    Excellent meter. It does everything I need comes with solid blak and green color. Just as good as a Fluke digital multimeter at a lower price.

    I did have a stupid attack though. After checking amps, I did a voltage check & forgot to move my probe back to Volt port. So my 10 amp fuse blew. But it was my mistake!

    Works well easy to read . Multifunction for a wide variety of applications.

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