Himalaya hand sanitizer – Instant hand sanitizer in India 2020

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BRAND Himalaya
Quantity 750 ml
Efficiency against Virus 99.9%


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Make your home and office virus and bacteria-free with the best instant hand sanitizer. In the COVID era, sanitizing hands often is a necessity. the demand for instant hand sanitizer is an all-time high. The reason is simple, everyone wants to a safer environment.

Best Instant hand sanitizer

Himalaya sanitizer comes with low price and the best part is, it is made in India product. You can refill this 750ml pack when it finished Shop online for the best pocket hand sanitizer in India

Features: Here are some details about Himalaya instant hand sanitizer, and you will get to know why it is best instant hand sanitizer-

  • Power of tulsi for pure hands
  • Made in India Hand Sanitizer
  • Highly effective, Kills 99.9 bacteria and virus

Himalaya Hand sanitizer Price:

The Price of this 750 ml pack of Himalaya hand sanitizer 175 INR.  This instant hand sanitizer is listed in Top #50 in handwash category in India.

Why you need hand Sanitizer?

Sanitizing hands is one of the top priority nowadays. For preventing against virus and bacteria we often wash hands and that’s the reason we need an effective hand sanitizer.

Buy the best Instant hand sanitizer, Buy Himalaya hand sanitizer Online!

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2 reviews for Himalaya hand sanitizer – Instant hand sanitizer in India 2020

  1. Sanjana

    If you are searching for the best hand sanitizer then i would like to recommend Himalaya’s instant hand sanitizer because it is made in india and comes in low price.

  2. Harshita Singh

    Really Amazing Product.

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