Best Flexible Gorilla Stand for DSLR & Action Cameras 2022

Compatible Devices Phone/Camera
Brand Digitek
Material Plastic
Colour Black
Maximum Height 240 Millimetres
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Tripod stand for mobile phone Under 500

Hey! looking for a gadget that can make all your video recordings via phone and camera seamless and also at a low price?

I know you are! that’s why you are here, so this is the product you are looking for, durable, easy to use and you know what is the best part, you can easily carry it from one place to another.

The Gorilla tripod is widely popular because of its portability and for recording a short video for Instagram reels, youtube videos it is widely used.

Tripod-for-Mobile-Phone-with-Phone-Mount & Remote | Flexible-Gorilla-Stand-DSLR-india

Top Reasons to buy this Tripod?

Apart from the reason which I have listed above, there are lot of other features which makes it an ideal buy –

  • As compared to other plastic-based camera tripods, this tripod is made up of high-quality ABS, hence it is durable and makes the whole recording experience hassle-free.
  • Great load-bearing capacity for your DSLR camera, mobile tripod, DSLR tripod, GoPro tripod.
  • Accurate angle lock ensures that your phone stands can take photos at angles that you desire and will stay in that angle as long as needed.
  • A clasp-based lock brings in the tripod and easy-to-lock and accurate angle mechanism, to help you lock in the exact angle you desire for your tripod for the DSLR camera.
  • Mobile Attachment and Bluetooth Remote for DSLR, Action Cameras & Smartphones

Gorilla tripod for phone price –

Price is the second most reason, making it the top-selling product in major online shopping platforms. you can buy this brand new tripod for mobile and iPhone along with a camera for just 399 INR.

for the best audio recording with this tripod the shop corner would like to recommend the Boya m1 mic, you can visit this link to buy this product.

Product: Best Gorilla Tripod for Phone and Camera in India


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