FX888D hakko soldering station at Best Price in India

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High-Quality Hakko FX-888D soldering Station Online –

Power Consumption 65W
Brand Name Hakko
Model No. FX-888D
Display  type LED Digital Display


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Hakko is a renowned name Digital Soldering Station manufacturing. they have produced many products in the past and here is one another masterpiece for professional.

FX-888D Hakko Soldering Station

FX888D is compact soldering station which designed to make user friendly. The Hakko soldering stations are made in Japan. When it comes to the best soldering iron for electronics then Hakko FX888D has no match.

Below you will find when it comes to choosing soldering station online, why to choose Hakko FX-888D

Hakko Fx-888D Soldering Station Features:

  • Excellent thermal recovery using T18 series tips
  • LED Digital display
  • Password protection to prevent any damage.
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Preset mode to give flexibility and improve productivity

Specifications: This soldering station is far better than the Hakko past soldering station model like Hakko 936 and 937. you will experience that it is more productive and user-friendly soldering station which will definitely increase productivity by 30%.

 Below are some product specification of this soldering station-

Tips T18
Heating Element Ceramic
Cord Length 1.2 meter
Power consumption 65W (26V)

Hakko Soldering Station price in India

FX-888D is listed in Top #10 selling product in soldering station category. It means this product is highly popular and effective. The reason is simple Hakko didn’t compromise with the quality of the product. If you have a budget then there is no better soldering station then Hakko.

The price of Hakko FX888D soldering station in India is 12,220. Which also make it the best soldering station under 15000.

Package includes: Station power supply, iron, iron holder, sponge, water-less cleaner

Hakko FX888D Honest Review: 

It is loaded with preset mode and consists password function which makes it safe to use. Hakko Fx888D is of real value for money. Yes don’t forget the separable tip design

Product use:

Best suited for a variety of components desoldering but this SMD machine is best suited for mobile, laptop, desktop motherboard, mobile repair smd motherboard, smd soldering and repair.

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2 reviews for FX888D hakko soldering station at Best Price in India

  1. Bhopal

    The best thing I like about hakko fx888d soldering station is its ability to select soldering iron for N2 system and t 18 series soldering tip.

    I am using this at my workplace in chennai, high quality product.

  2. Saurabh Nanded

    FX888D hakko soldering station is one of the best SMD rework station available in the market. it is best for al types of preparing work. I brought it from this website. it is working very good.

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