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10 pcs multipurpose file tool set with a manufacturer warranty-

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MODEL NAME Multipurpose File
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Creative work always needs a quality tool set Whether you are doing a metalwork, stonework, jewellery or plastic work, finishing is always an important aspect. And no one can deny the role of File toolset in this process. Whether it is a Half round file, triangular or else, it is a true friend.

If you are here to buy the best file tool for your work then you are in right place. Make your work hassle-free with a high-quality Inditrust 10Pcs Needle File Set

File Tool Set for Metal, Stone and Jewellery Work

File tool is a common tool which is seen shop and home too. From wood, processing to die polishing, from watch repair to mobile repair everyone needs it.

This product is highly popular and always in demand, it is currently listed in #2,912 in the Home Improvement category and #3 in Files & Rasps category in major online portals.

Hassle-Free Work with the best File:

Uses: for machining hard materials, the material after quenching processing, metal, glass processing, deburring, trimming chamfer, glass processing, For a variety of sanding, an essential tool for making models.

Needle File Set Size: 4x160cm

File tool Price:

The Price of this 10 pcs multipurpose file Tool set is 399/- online in India, please check the latest price before the final payment.

Product: file set for stone, jewellery, and metal work-Online at Best Price India


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