PHA 101 Dorset RIM Lock Set Online at Best Price

Color Nickle Silver Finish
Brand Dorset
Lock Type Night Latch, Key
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RIM lock set with Knob

Convenience is the key and when it comes to home it becomes more important than ever. Rim Lock also known as Night Latch lock is one of the finest door hardware that fits on the surface and and make the premises secure.

Rim Lock set operated from the exterior side of the door by a key and from insider of the door by a knob. These locks always need a key to unlock them from the outside.

Dorset RIM Lock set Features:

1. Both side Opening Latch operated from outside by key and from inside by button (can be locked with key)
2. Left hand double cylinder and button lock
3. External loose Pair of inside
4. One Year Manufacture Warranty
5. Auto Gate Lock Latch features

RIM Lock set Price:

This Phantom series PHA 101 series Rim lock is available online and offline. If you are willing it buy it online than you can but it online at the price of 1300 INR. It is reviewed by many consumers and gave the 5 star rating from many user. So it is a good buy for those looking for high quality RIM lock.

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Product: PHA 101 Dorset RIM Lock set with Key and knob online India.


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