Best Door Closer for Aluminum Door Online India

Color Silver
Brand Dorset
Material Aluminum
Weight 1.3 Kg


Door Closer for Aluminum Door

What you demand for a home, Security and Convenience right? and for that the Door closer for you. A door closer is a door control system used to close the door automatically when someone opens the door, means convenience at its best.

DC 60 SM Rack and Pinion Door Closer by Dorset-

If you are a building material or architectural hardware industry than you are already aware with the Dorset, a premium name in door hardware industry offering more than 1000 products from last 25 years.

The DC 60 Smart door closer is ideal for 60 kg door weight having accurate two-valve door operating speed adjustment for both closing and latching speed.

Apart from that, it has Pressure die cast body of aluminum alloy. Special O-Ring design seals to avoid leakage. High quality steel material to make it durable.


  • Three lakh cycles tested
  • Aluminum Pressure die casting body
  • Two valve mechanism
  • Rack and pinion Technology

DC 60 SM Door Closer price in India-

Although there are many door closer available online, but its design and durability makes this door closer the first choice when it comes to choosing door closer online. The price of this Door closer is 1725 INR and you can get upto 22% off when you buy it online on Amazon.

Product: DC 60SM Door Closer for Aluminum and Wooden Door Online


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