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UFI Box, make eMMC repair, Resize, Format, firmware Work via test point and much more with a single eMMC mobile software tools

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When it comes to dealing with complicated programming and eMMC level repair, UFI box becomes the best eMMC tool for mobile repairing professional.

Whether you want to repair eMMC, resize, format, write or fully erasing the eMMC chip, or framework related tasks. They all can be done via the UFI box. Be it Samsung, Toshiba, Kingston, micron or any other brand, UFI box is the best deice to repair and update the firmware of the mobile phone.

So basically, a UFI box is a stand-alone device, which has all your mobile software solution of eMMC chip and if you want to work on-chip level then you must have experience on UFI box.

Buying UFI Box is the Best Choice you will make in 2020!

UFI Box is a something shooting more than 2 birds with one arrow. No doubt, it is a multipurpose software repairing tool.

Whether you need to work on eMMC repairing, eMMC Resizing, eMMC Format, Write full data, erase, Read boot1, Read boot2, Read EXT CSD, User Data Read, firmware Update, Via test point all can be done by UFI Box.

White UFI BOX Indian Version Specification:

The colour of the UFI box as you can see in the above picture is white. The UFI box set up instruction are included in the package, by following the instructions you can easily set up the ufi box and believe me, working on this tool is super easy.

So now, let me tell you, what you will get with UFI Box. the box includes UFI box USB2.0 with smart card UFI-Lite USB 3.0 Super-Speed SD/eMMC reader. Along with, you will get 2-in-1 eMMC/eMCP socket (169-FBGA,153-FBGA,162-FBGA,186-FBGA), 2-in-1 eMMC/eMCP socket (221-FBGA, 254-FBGA)

Size/Dimension: 500gm
Box Color: White
Cable Type: USB
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Box

And a for a special customer like you we are adding UFI ISP adapter V2 USB data cable USB to DC 5V external power cable for buying UFI box online from the

Buy UFI box online at low price with Free online support Lifetime

ufi-box- Thane-Bhopal-Indore-Pimpri-Chinchwad-Patna-Vadodara-Ghaziabad-Ludhiana-Agra-Nashik-Faridabad-Meerut-Rajkot-Kalyan-Dombivli-Vasai-Virar-Varanasi-Srinagar-Aurangabad-Dhanbad-Amritsar-Navi Mumbai-Allahabad-Howrah-Ranchi-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar-Salem-Warangal-Mira-Bhayandar-Jalgaon-Kota-Guntur-Bhiwandi-SaharanpurYour search of buying UFI box Indian version will just finish here, whether you are searching for UFI box price or researching about the UFI box and planning to buy in near future, you can directly contact or our mobile software related professional.

We also offer Universal Flashing Interface box training. a crash course to share knowledge about mobile software repairing.

We will be sharing the best price of UFI box in Delhi, Patna, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and other parts of India. apart from the price,

you will get the best support from us. We are one of the best resellers of UFI box in India.

Currently, you can buy a UFI box on amazon, and later you will directly buy universal flashing tool from the shop corner.

Benefits of UFI Box:

We have talked a lot why use Universal Flashing Interface box and why a mobile software repairing professional have this tool. Now let me talk about the benefits of buying UFI Box –

  • UFI Box has its software, the box works stand-alone Display information which is easily understood by the user or newbie.
  • Easy to use, one-click operations means no complication in a box set up and work.
  • No need to configure Database of various kinds of IC EMMC, which is included in the software of UFi box.
  • Support of IC EMMC Samsung and China phone SK Hynix, Toshiba, Kingston, Micron and other brands
  • UFI Box works faster compared to other boxes because it uses an 8-bit full speed interface

UFI Box Indian Version: Features –

The box is modern yet a powerful tool with multi-protocol ready, the user-friendly platform makes it more reliable and easy to cope with. here is the hardware and software specification of UFI Box-

Hardware specifications:

The box itself a solution of many mobile software problems, so the credit goes to the hardware of the UFI box.

Many professional from Kerala, Tamilnadu, Hyderabad recommended this software tool for flashing because of its high-speed data transmission. Let see what else in this box-

  1. Built-in LDO Voltage Out and external power source
  2. Power source Secured with Java smart-card
  3. USB 2.0 for High-Speed data transmission up to 480 Mbps
  4. Modern design and portable.
  5. Online system Multi-protocol ready
  6. 20 (13 usable) multi-purpose IO pins and 1 full-speed USB-HOST Integrated software managed with the protection

Software Specifications:

The learners of mobile software from different institutes from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gujarat recommended UFI box because it has the solution of modern mobile software problems. the credit goes to its technology. here are the software specifications of UFI box –

1. Universal platform Stand-alone software application
2. Easy to navigate, user-friendly, and Secure platform
3. server-based authentication Supported
4. Regular update, many up-to-date repair solution
5. Integrated file synchronizing function

UFI Box Price-

UFI box for sale at Rs 22,500 with Free Delivery to all over India. We regularly serve our customers from Chennai, Kolkata, Indore, Mangalore and other areas who are known as best ufi box reseller in India.

Compatibility of UFI Tool :

Every software needs an environment to run the program, and the same goes to the universal flashing toolbox. You need a PC, which has window installed, no matter which version it is running but makes sure it must be after windows XP (means compatible with Window 7, Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32bit), window 8, Windows 8.1 Profesional (64bit) and window 10)

Buy now and get free online training on UFI Box setup, you can also watch this video to know about how to install UFI box effectively.

Don’t miss the opportunity! Buy UFI box online at the best price in India!

Topic: UFI software box to read EMMC user data, as well as repair, resize, format, erase, read write and update the firmware | Available on Amazon

2 reviews for Buy UFI box online at Best price in India 2020 [ UFI Tool Online]

  1. Pankaj | Lucknow

    Hi. I am a mobile technician from Roorkee. It is very difficult to find an original Indian version UFI box in Market. But I found it on your website with 221-FBGA, 254-FBGA interface. It is the original Indian version of UFI box. I ordered this form your website. Its take only the 4 days to reach.
    Thank the shop corner.

  2. Nishant

    I am searching for a mobile software box to update firmware and land on this page. It is more than what i am looking for, seems a complete mobile software box.

    I need training on how to setup ufi box and how to work with it, does this product comes with a training as well?

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