Mobile PCB Holder for PCB Board Soldering Repair

Make Soldering easy with High Quality PCB holder for Mobile Phone –

TYPE Stand
MATERIAL Stainless steel
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If you are a mobile repairing pro then you can imagine how difficult is to work without a good mobile PCB holder.

Make Soldering Safe with Best mobile PCB holder

The metal of the PCB holder stand is the most important mobile repairing tool when it comes to the efficiency of the Mobile Phone Board Repairing. It is made up of and you can adjust it according to the size of the printed circuit board.

Features: Although it looks simple PCB holder it is durable and that makes it a popular PCB holder stand for mobile in India. Here are some of its features-

  • High-Quality Spring to make it durable
  • Adjustable clamp to fit according to deice size.
  • Easy to use small PCB holder. Can accommodate board width up to 80mm.


This mobile PCB holder price in India is 275/-. This product is listed in #16 position online in Clamps category. You can buy online from the

Package includes: 1 mobile PCB holder stand

Working Tip: First place the mounted circuit board, with a side of the mouth and spring card, push back and then do another circuit card in activity block

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