Mobile PCB Cleaning Liquid for all Electronic Boards

2 Easy Dispenser Bottles of IPA Cleaner for Mobiles/Laptops/LCD and Electronic Boards (50ml)

BRAND Glare India
TYPE IPA Cleaner
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If you are doing mobile repairing work then you must need a mobile PCB cleaner which is often known as Mobile IPA cleaner, or PCB cleaning liquid.

Best Mobile PCB Cleaner Online

If you want to buy PCB cleaning liquid than allow us to present Glare India’s multipurpose cleaner which is used any type of electronic device.

Features: Here are some features which makes it best cleaner for PCB –

  • Does not leave behind a greasy residue.
  • Dries almost immediately makes it efficient for PCB.
  • Very effective, only needed a few drops the cleaner.
  • Improves performance while extending the life of PCB/Deice.
  • Recorded media Easily removes interfering soils from optical heads

Price: The Price of this pack is 420. It contains two bottles of cleaner with every 50 ml. You can also buy electronic contact cleaner, Falcon 530, mobile PCB holder etc online from

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