Lifebuoy pocket hand sanitizer in India 2020 [500 ml pack]

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BRAND Lifebuoy
Quantity 500 ml
Efficiency against Virus 99.9%


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In the COVID era, maintaining social distance and sanitizing hands is a necessity. the demand for hand sanitizers is an all-time high. The reason is simple, everyone wants to a safer environment. Shop online for the best pocket hand sanitizer in India

Lifebuoy pocket hand sanitizer

Now when offices, colleges and opening slowly keeping a pocket hand sanitizer is a good idea. Lifebuoy a leading company offering a 500 ml pack of hand sanitizer which is best when you are out of your home.

Features: Here are some details about lifebuoy hand sanitizer, and you will get to know why it is best pocket hand sanitizer-

  • Lifebuoy Antibacterial gives instant germ protection.
  • This pocket Hand Sanitizer includes Glycerine for skin moisturisation
  • Portable pack that helps protect you when you are at the office, home or outdoor.

Price: The Price of this 500ml pack of Lifebuoy hand sanitizer 225 INR. For a single person, it will take more than a month to consume. You can use it at school, at home, workplace, metros, market gyms and any other public place.

The lifebuoy hand sanitizer is listed in Top #3 in hand sanitizer category in India

Why you need a Pocket hand Sanitizer?

Plenty of times, we touch the surfaces like doors, handles, elevators, carts which may be infected with virus or bacteria. Every now and then we cant wash hands and ignoring it may be risky!

In such condition, carrying a hand sanitizer is necessary. The Lifebuoy sanitizer is something you can always have in the pocket.

Buy the best pocket hand sanitizer and keep yourself Safe!


1 review for Lifebuoy pocket hand sanitizer in India 2020 [500 ml pack]

  1. jack

    I have recently bought this Lifebuoy pocket hand sanitizer. I have to travel Ghaziabad from Delhi, so i used to carry it on my bag.

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