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Swiss Classic Multipurpose Peeler/Vegetable Scraper/ Fruit Slicer Double Edge Serrated

BRAND NAME Victorinox
MATERIAL Stainless steel
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Julienne cutter is almost the need of every kitchen. Whether it’s slicing a carrot, potato, ginger or else, it makes an easy lot of tasks. And when it comes to buying, it is a little bit tricky. To make it easier for you, we are sharing the top julienne cutter with its price, feature, reviews and why you buy this online.

Best Julienne cutter Online

India is a large country and the number of kitchen households almost at the top of the world. So julienne cutter is something very common product in India. As a result the varieties you can see online and offline.

Choosing the best quality durable julienne cutter for home or commercial purpose is always a wise choice. So we would like to introduce Victorinox swiss made multipurpose julienne cutter ideal for vegetables.

Here are some features which makes it the best choice –

  • Double Edge gives flexibility to your creativity
  • Rustproof makes it safe for dishwasher
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel blades make no chance for a break during use.
  • High productivity makes best for both professional chefs and at-home cooks.

Victorinox Juliene Cutter Price

It comes with 6 different colours, You can choose as per the choice. The price of this vegetable peeler online in India is 430/-.

Why do we recommend Victorinox Juilene Cutter?

It’s black in colour that attracted me to this peeler. If you are a professional chef and used to with the high amount of vegetables then it will be the preferred choice. For at-home cooks, it is safe, durable and it has a more ergonomic handle which makes it safe and easy to handle.

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