Multi use IPA Cleaner for mobile Repairing, Cars and more

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A repairing professional needs an effective cleaner to work smoothly. Few technicians also call it Thinner or PCB Cleaning Liquid or Chemical.

Best IPA Cleaner Online

The main work of an effective IPA cleaner liquid is to remove the dirt, dust, flux residue so that it works properly. So it becomes necessary to use high-quality PCB cleaner so that it can’t damage the circuit board or a gadget.

Features:  The NIKS IPA cleaner is very effective, it is made in India product and used in variety of cleaning process. Here are some features which makes it best IPA cleaner online –

  • It can also be used as a sanitizer
  • High-quality IPA cleaner best for circuit cleaning
  • Does not leave behind a greasy residue.
  • Dries almost immediately makes it efficient for PCB.
  • Improves performance while extending the life of PCB/Deice.

Price: The Price of 250 ml IPA cleaner pack is 220. This IPA cleaner is highly popular among professional. it is listed in #3 in the lab chemical category and #302 in Industrial product category. You can also buy PCB cleaner, Falcon 530, mobile PCB holder, SMD machine etc online from

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