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Electronic cleaner demand is an all-time high in 2020.

There are a number of electronic cleaner fluid in the market, but if you surf on the internet and type best electronic cleaner for circuit board, you will find the majority of the professional voted for CRC 5103 electronic cleaner.

Why CRC 5103 is the best Electronic Cleaner Online?

The ingredients which are used to make this electronic cleaning fluid makes it different from other contact cleaners. The quick-dry technology leaves no stone unturned to make the whole cleaning process of the electronic component safe.

Now its time to know about CRC electronic cleaner review, price, features and more, so that you know the product before you buy –

Features: You can use this ‘cleaner’ to clean wire harness connectors and linkage and some moving parts that get all gunked up with coin dust. here are some features which makes it different from other cleaners-

  • Quick-dry electronic cleaner.
  • Plastic safe
  • 0% contact failure chances.
  • Inexpensive and leaves no residue

Price: The CRC electronic cleaner price online in India is 1800/-. It’s a general-purpose electronic contact cleaner so it can be used in the home as well as workplace. The weight of the cleaner in weighing machine is 311gm.


It can be used as PCB cleaner of mobile phone, connector cleaning and variety of other cleanings. It does a good job on certain applications as it dries fast and leaves no residue.

If you are not using CRC electronic cleaner and looking for contact cleaner alternative than we recommend to use this high-quality electronic connector cleaner.

Uses: CRC QD cleaner is multipurpose, it can be used in computer components, fibreglass, flux removal, plugs, tape heads, terminal and variety of other electronic gadgets.

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