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Buy 1610A2 Charging IC For iPhone 6 and 6S-

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Every now and then iPhone has the charging problem, and because of the charging issue, it needs to repair quickly. In iPhone 6 and 6S, 1610a2 IC is responsible for the charging.

In such case, we need to replace the damaged iPhone 6 charging ic to the Brand New Original Component 1610a2 iPhone 6,6s IC Chip for iPhone Motherboard (PCB) repair USB charging problems.

Charging IC for iPhone 6 and 6S –

1610A2 is a 36 pins USB charging ic which is designed to fix the charging issue of iPhone 6, 6S and 6PLUS. You need to replace the iPhone 6 charging ic if you meet the following condition –

  1. If iPhone 6is not charging while connected to a computer or USB charger/battery or battery is draining quickly
  2. Changed the battery, dock connector, and checked that the FPC battery connector is OK, but it makes no difference in fixing your issue.

Both the issue caused by the charging IC that is damaged or broken and opens the circuit between the USB charger and the battery.

iPhone 6 charging ic price in India

The price of 1610A2 charging ic for iPhone 6 and 6S is 250/-. The rates frequently change so make sure to know the latest price.

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