Qubo vs Yale Smart Door Locks, Which Can you Prefer for Your Home Security

Qubo vs Yale

The security of your home and office is in your hand, and you are the one who is responsible to make as effective as you want. Smart digital locks are widely popular because one can rely on them when it comes to home security. With Digital Locks there is no need to hide the keys under the doormat, you can now grant access to family and friends as they have fingerprint access, Pincode, RFID, and other access methods, which means more convenience to modern people.

If you are searching for a Digital Door lock, then you must hear about Qubo and Yale, both of them are active and visible in almost every portal. As a buyer, you must have a question about which is the best digital door lock. so in this blog post, I am covering some top models of Qubo and Yale to make you choose the best from them.

Yale YDME 100 Digital Door Lock VS Qubo Smart Lock with 5-way Access

BrandMRPRatingPinFingerprintRFIDKeyApp AccessBluetooth/WIFIInstallation

We have selected one model of Qubo and yale with similar features and similar selling prices so that it will be easy to decide the winner… Let’s Talk first about Yale YDME 100 Digital Door Lock

Yale YDME 100 Digital Door Lock –

Access Control – Biometric, Pin and Mechanical Keys Access, Color- Black (Free Installation)

619eXNiXcmL. SL1500

Features and specifications-

  • Smart solutions for your home. various access: ydme 100 has multiple options to access the lock- biometric, pin code, and mechanical key
    Multiple users: ydme 100 can register 100 fingerprints and 100 pin codes users.
  • Convenience: it can upgrade your existing door lock and supports door thickness from 40 mm to 70 mm.
  • Low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal: it warns in case of low battery with alarm. when the batteries are completely discharged, you can easily supply emergency power to the lock.
  • Anti-panic egress: for convenience and in case of emergency, the door is automatically unlocked whenever the inner lever handle is used. the safe handle will protect from any break-in attempts.+
  • +YDME 100 comes with a temporary construction key. this type of locking system will thwart the possibility of anyone attempting to keep a key after use and replace it with a counterfeit key.
  • No wires, no hassle, and easy to replace, with 4 x aa batteries and a warning when they are running low. the lock’s memory will also ensure all credentials and settings remain when changing the batteries, making this simple and hassle free.

Yale Smart Lock Models-

When you’ve walked through an automatic door, stayed in a hotel, or gone through passport control, you’ve probably used one of Yale products or services. Beside that Yale is known for smart locks, and below are some Yale Smart Lock Models-

Model Name Description Buy Link
YDR 3110 Smart Door Lock with Pin & Card Access, Color- Silver/Black Finish Buy Now
YDME 100 Door Lock with Biometric, Pin and Mechanical Keys Access Shop Now
YDM 4115-A Smart Door Lock with Biometric, Pincode, Mechanical Keys & App Access Buy Now
YDR 4110 Smart Rim Door Lock with Biometric, Pin & App Enabled Access Buy Now
YDM 7116 Smart Door Lock with Biometric, Pincode, RF Card, Bluetooth, Key & App Access Buy Now
YDM 3115-A Digital Door Lock with RFID Card, Pin Code, Keys & App Access Buy Now
YDM 7116 Smart Door Lock with Biometric, Pincode, RF Card, Bluetooth, Keys & App Access Buy Now

Qubo Smart Lock with 5-way Access-

Fingerprint | Pincode| RFID Access Card | Mobile App | Mechanical Key | OTP Access |Stainless Steel Mortise with 5 Bolts

  • 5- WAY UNLOCKING: Unlock using a Fingerprint, Passcode, Bluetooth Mobile APP, RFID Access card, or Emergency keys.
  • Register up to 50 Fingerprints. Get 2 RFID Access Cards. Keep a tab with Activity logs via BLE Qubo Mobile App. Use Pincode with decoy digits to keep your code spy safe
  • Share Access OTP via WhatsApp, SMS or Email for Unexpected Guests/housekeepers: Give Permanent, One time, or timed Access.
  • Two-Layer Authentication: Add Double Security that requires a combination of 2 access methods to unlock your door.
  • The smart lock comes with Voice Guidance for convenient access along with a Silent mode option.
  • Get Low Battery Alerts on Qubo Mobile App & Voice prompt from the lock. USB charging enables access in emergencies in case the battery is exhausted.
  • DOOR REQUIREMENTS: Suitable for doors with a thickness of 3.5 CM and above. Ideal for Wooden doors only. The lock is not suitable for entrances with double doors.

Qubo vs Yale which is Better?

Smart locks have opened a whole new door for home security and soon we will see fingerprint Digital locks in every household in India. It is an excellent choice for families, kids as well as elders because the generation is going modern and wireless and most of the activities today are done via smartphones. A virtual key can be shared with family members, friends, and people the owner trusts.

There is no need to make multiple keys for everyone, as well as no fear of losing keys in the middle of the market and getting stranded at the door. With smart locks, people can kiss goodbye to all the old woes. What do you think about Digital Locks and most importantly Qubo smart locks and Yale Smart locks. do let us know in the comment box!

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