Dorset vs Yale Locks which will you prefer?

Dorset vs Yale Locks

There is a new trend of using Digital Door locks, and most of the modern people thinking about upgrading their existing door lock with the smart one. If you are reading this, it means that you have already decided to use a smart digital lock on your doors. Indeed, there are lot of electronic door lock brand offering range of fingerprint locks to give security to home, hence in this blog post we will cover two most important smart lock brand (Dorset and Yale) and compare their top selling smart lock to kick the security of home and office into a whole new level.

Dorset vs Yale Digital Locks –

Dorset vs. Yale Comparison and some of their best sellers. So, it will be easy for you to find the best smart door lock. to compare it we will taking access control, material, price and installation support in to an account.

DG 101 GM-

A lock, specially designed for main doors, DG 101 is one of the top selling digital lock by Dorset. It comes with graphite Matte finish that has 200 unique fingerprint access along with 50 unique RFID access. It operates on two password mode , one is master mode (3-19 digit) and second is non master mode (4-19 digits).

Tabular Comparison of Yale and Dorset DG 101 Lock

BrandMRPRatingPinFingerprintRFIDKeyApp AccessBluetooth/WIFIInstallation

Yale YDME 100 Digital Door Lock –

A smart solution for your home security, Yale YDME 100 smart door lock comes with Biometric, Pin and Mechanical Keys Access. You can register 100 unique fingerprint and 100 pin codes. It supports door thickness from 40 mm to 70 mm. with low battery alarm and emergency power supply terminal makes it a convenient for users. Apart from that Yale YDME 100 comes with a temporary construction key. this type of locking system will thwart the possibility of anyone attempting to keep a key after use and replace it with a counterfeit key.

So if you are looking for a smart door lock with medium budget range than it would be a good pick for you.

That has been our take on the Dorset vs Yale Digital locks. We have covered the most recommended features of both Dg 101 and Yale smart home locks. We will keep this article updated with more information to make your selection of the smart lock rather easier.

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