Take a Look at Top 10 Popular Door Handle Online in India

If you search for “door handles – type of door handles” on Google and you have found us, you will find the information here. You can think about the door handle that is ideal for a remodel, or maybe you’re intrigued with the variety available. You may have old, worn doors that need replacing as soon as possible.

Home is the ultimate thing every individual dream of, for an Indian perspective it becomes more important to have a house with a better look and aesthetics.

To make it secure Door Hardware is considered the primary thing. So here comes the idea of using the latest and modern door handle system that is not only secure but also looks luxurious. 

In door Hardware systems, Digital Door locks, doorknobs, floor spring, or any other door accessories are equally important when it comes to privacy, convenience, and security. There are several Door Handle brands in India, that you can consider buying a high-quality secured Door Handle design for your residential and commercial properties. Choosing the finest one is always a choice of the customers as per the need material, finishes, and the design.

High Quality Door Handle Designs-

While curating the list of best door handle design, we have considered the style, needs, ease of installation and aesthetics. Apart from that we have preference the handles with adjustable and suits to the variety of interior doors

In this blog post, I am going to cover the economical and premium quality handle design for main doors, Door handle price, and other features so that you can choose the best one, so without a delay lets have a look at the top 10 handles for main door online in India-

1. Torso : Main Door Handle by Dorset India-

Dorset a leading brand in Door Hardware manufacturing offers a wide variety of Handles for main door, Torso is one of the varieties that not only transform the beauty of the home but also its sculpted body shape transforms into an object of our daily needs.


This design celebrates the beauty of nicely carved and sculpted body forms in the surroundings around.

Available Finishes-

1. Satin Matt

2. Fero

3. Antique 

4. Titanium Matt

It is highly popular among architects, building contractors, and interior designers. The Torso main modern door handle price is 4390 INR.

2. Leva : Modern Front Door Handle-

Yet another modern handle design by Dorset offers the aesthetics at its best. Leva is a Model that compliments the door and makes it Lavish. Its simple design looks natural yet lavish at the same time. 


It is perfect for closets, hallways, children’s bedrooms, and any door. The Leva handles feature 4 finishes that include Satin Matt, Fero, Antique, and Titanium Matt and should fit in well with a variety of decors. The price of this door handle online is 4,620 INR and is recommended by many professionals.

3. Dana : Door Handle Online-

A premium quality handle by Dorset is ideal for offices and homes where a streamlined appearance is desired. Their brushed nickel finishes are easy to keep clean and don’t show fingerprints, and their thumb turn locks are simple to use when you need a bit of privacy.


In the first instance, it looks like a Bow, forming the grip of the lever which comes with Patina and silver satin finishes. 

Why Choose Dana Handles for Door?

  • Narrow Style And Easy Installation.
  • Easy Opening

The online price of this handle is 3015 INR and is suitable for you if you are looking for premium quality handles for your home.

4. D Type Door Handle-

A high-performance Door handle comes with durability and a traditional security system that gives excellent grip and makes it easy to handle. 

Visit this link and Consult with the experts to discover more secure solutions for offices & commercial spaces.

5. Velvet : Modern Main Door Handle-  

Guaranteed to fit on any standard pre-drilled door the Velvet handle outlines in the sleek curve give the luxurious exotic pattern and radiates complexity and playfulness in nature.


The installation of this handle is easy and if you have tools in hand then you can do it at ease.

Why Consider this Modern door Handle?

  •  Very sturdy feel
  •  Smooth turning action
  •  Right or left side placement

6. Primo : Handles

 Looking for comfortable, elegant yet durable handle? Then this modern handle will be the ideal for your home. Primo is made up of stainless steel that gives it strength and easily camouflages into any color scheme. The price of this handle is just 1920 INR.


The perfect handle may vary as per the the style of the home and the type of the door, the Torso Main Door Handle is in the top of our list because its design and material. For those who have budget constraint may go with Dana (a premium range in budget) which offers looks and privacy at a low price.

7. Merina : Door Handles for Front Door

Many user prefer handles made up of Stainless steel, the reason is they are weather-resistant and offer better stability and durability


Merina, yet another top selling door handles online in India. It comes with oval cross-section that makes it stylish and comfortable yo use. They are mostly used in the front door to improve the quality and appearance. The price of this handle is 3260 and you can buy it directly from the website and Amazon as well.

8. L Type Handle

Most commonly used Handles ideal for Main Door. L type door handles are durable, affordable and can be used in glass, wooden and metal doors as well.


It is made up of stainless steel and the best part of this handle is it comes with 5 years of warranty and you also get the trust of Dorset.

9. D Type with Plate

Whether you are plaaning to renovate you home and not able to fix what type of handle will be the perfect match or just exploring the door handle designs. The D Type with Plate can be considered because of its bold and basic shpe that gives excellent grip.


The price of this SS handle is 2690 INR, for the bulk orders you can avail the benifits of special offers as well.

10. Globo-

A synonym of luxury and lavishness, globo handles can enhance the aesthetics of any residential premises. A flat minimal expression of the beauty of pure shapes. These basic forms become the backdrop for other elements to come forward retaining their identity.


The price of this Handle is 4390 INR and for the bulk order you can avail the discount as well.

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The correct measurement determines the best model for your door. the build material and finish is equally important. Moreover, the best handle for main doors are not just about looks and price it is also includes the quality, ergonomics, ease of installation and the most important Durability.

Top 10 Door Handle Brands in India –

Here’s the list of best main door handle brands online-

  • Dorset
  • Godrej
  • Yale
  • Hafele
  • Hettich
  • ebco
  • Ozone
  • Lapo
  • Atom
  • Lavna

Internet is full of questions, where users are asking Which door handle is best? how to find the door handle near me? door handle design with price and what is universal door handle. We have tried to answer all those queries

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