A Glance at the 10 Popular Cylindrical lock Brands in India

People often not able to decide whether go with mortise lock or the cylindrical lock and ends up with a dilemma, which one to choose. To answer this question we have collected information from the different sources ranging from the residential properties, restaurants, and people from door and lock hardware varies as much as their industry focus.

Mortise Lock vs Cylindrical Knob Lock –

If I talk about the key comparison, they are league apart and there is a huge difference in the mechanism itself. In this blog post you will get to know best Cylindrical Lock brands, the key difference and which one is suitable for you. So lets get started-

  1. Cylindrical knob locks are easy to install.
  2. Cylindrical locksets are commonly found in homes, offices, and interior doors.
  3. A mortise lock is one that requires a pocket—the mortise.

Most Popular Cylindrical Lock Brands in India –

  • Dorset
  • Godrej
  • Europa Locks

Cylindrical Lock for Door –

Cylindrical locks can be configured for many lock functions, such as storeroom, classroom, bedroom, bathroom, etc. In addition, levers can be clutched. The most common lock type available is typically used in a single or double bore application.

Now lets deep down and find out the best Cylindrical knob lock for you-

(1) Dorset Cylindrical lock with key

The contemporary design is still in the game and Dorset offers the best quality cylindrical knob lock with key. A smart entrance system that comprises with ergonomic grip is used to lock the door from one side using the key and another side from the button. It uses Hybrid Key Technology and ensures controlled access from one.


This knob lock is available in 3 different finishes and 4 keys and is 70 mm in size. So if you are looking to buy a durable Cylindrical knob lock then you can go for this.

(2) Cylindrical Lock without key –

a unique privacy solution for all your needs, this keyless Cylindrical knob Lock also comes in 3 finishes and a contemporary knob design used to lock the door by pressing the button.


Dorset offers stylish locks for interconnecting doors to make your life convenience then ever. These locks are available in many attractive finishes to suit your home decoration and style.

Cylindrical Knob Lock Price –

The price of a Cylindrical knob lock ranges between 700-2500 INR depending on the design and built material. You can shop online and track the prices.

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