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Fingerprint Lock for Drawer –

Security remains the top concern since ancient times, and the story is the same for today. Whether it is a home, office, bank, or health care center, the security of the value is everyone’s concern. Intruders are always waiting for a chance to steal important belonging from the cabinet or drawers. There is always a reason behind it, but the results are only one: your loss, Keyless locks or smart fingerprint locks have somehow solved this issue and people now embracing the biometric fingerprint lock over key locks.

Smart Furniture Drawer Lock for Home-DG 303 Drawer Lock with fingerprint Access

Best Overall – DG 303 Fingerprint Lock for Drawer

Best Feature- DG 304 Smart Furniture Lock

Best Value- DG 305 Fingerprint Lock Drawer

Economical- DG 306 Password Lock for Drawers and Desks

Fingerprint Lock for Drawer and Cabinets-

To safeguard your precious assets like documents, medicines, jewelry, or any items that may be of significant importance to, you can be easily locked and unlocked using Smart Furniture locks. However, the mechanical locks seem feasible for this, but there is a high risk that they can be accessed by making a spare key. Fingerprint drawer locks help you with cabinet security. One of the best ways to protect your cabinets and have authorized access to your belongings would be keyless access controls. That’s why they are in high demand.

We know the value of security, and that’s why we are presenting the best keyless cabinet or biometric drawer locks to help you with your cabinet security.

1. DG 303 Smart Drawer Lock-

When it comes to locks, you are already aware of the fact that there are ones which we can use without keys, The same thing happens with keyless cabinet locks, DG 303 Smart Drawer Lock is an ultimate example of it. This locking system you can use with your cabinets and drawers can be used in different industries and even in your bedrooms.

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They are multipurpose locks, that can safeguard your valuables in your home, office, or industrial cabinet safety. They come with great advantages as well, let’s discuss DG 303 smart cabinet lock in detail

  • Protect your drawers, cabinets, and almirahs from unauthorized entry.
  • Compact Fingerprint Access Automatic Locking System
  • Ideal for Drawers and Cabinets
  • Low Battery Indicator: Alarm alert in case of low battery
  • 20 Unique Access Drawer Lock with Finger Print

DG 303 has Advanced fingerprint lock technology with better response and sensitivity, unlock just in a blink. Don’t need any extra cards, keys, apps, or Bluetooth connection. Your fingerprints are the only keys!

2. DG 304 Smart Drawer Lock-

A perfect solution to your occasional carelessness, Dg 304 has 40 Unique Access Drawer Lock with Finger Print, ideal for a door thickness of 15-20 mm. Say Goodbye to the password combination and key-based unlocking system of your drawer, and embrace the smart drawer locking system, that needs your fingerprint to unlock.

Dorset Smart Furniture Digital Keyless Lock for Home

Drawer-Lock-smart-drawer-lock-fingerprint-lock drawer-fingerprint-lock-fir-cabinet-digital-lock-for drawer-delhi, Gurgaon-chennai-kanpur-hyderabad-telangana-goa-noida-ahemdabad


  • Finger Print: 40 Unique Access
  • Alarm: Low Battery Alarm
  • Ideal for Drawers and Cabinets
  • Compact Fingerprint Access Automatic Locking System

Multiple Uses-
The fingerprint lock can be widely used in all cabinets, drawers, TV cabinets, wardrobes, bedside tables, etc. Applicable places include a bedroom, study, living room, and office. Say goodbye to the key unlocks era!

There are many things to know about keyless drawer locks, installing those smart locks on your drawers can allow you to get complete assurance of security of your valuables. You shouldn’t worry about losing the keys or someone stealing your keys. All you need is an effective biometric cabinet lock and your personal belongings that you want to safeguard through the lock.

3. DG 305 | Fingerprint Lock for Cabinet and Drawers-

If You need a lock that is a keyless yet robust and strong lock for your cabinet, then look no further, DG 305 is an ideal and affordable furniture lock, Protect your drawers, cabinets, and almirahs from unauthorized entry. This Multipurpose is good protection and can be used in drawers, kitchen cabinets, hidden compartments and drawers, Nightstands, storage boxes, wine cabinets, and so on.

As long as the furniture thickness is appropriate for this lock the installation is very easy. As it is widely used in wood furniture, such as wardrobes, drawers, cabinets, and storage boxes, it is perfect for all of them. It can effectively prevent your files from getting messed up or items from being damaged.


  1. Compact Fingerprint Access Automatic Locking System
  2. Low Battery Indicator: Alarm alert in case of low battery
  3. 40 Unique Access Drawer Lock with Finger Print

Also See-

Digital Cabinet Lock [DG 306]

A medium budget Cabinet Furniture Lock, equipped with 4 to 15 Digit password is ideal for any drawer and cabinet with a thickness of 16-24 mm. If you are looking for digital locks for desks for access control and safety of your important documents than it is the ideal drawer lock for you.

Uses – Widely used in file cabinets, swimming baths, saunas, golf courses, gym lockers, offices, companies, schools, hotels, supermarkets, filing cabinets or lockers.


  • Compact password Access Automatic Locking System
  • Ideal for Drawers and Cabinets
  • Low Battery Indicator: Alarm alert in case of low battery
  • Unique Access Drawer Lock with Password

Frequent Questions by Buyers Related to Smart Drawer and Cabinet Lock –

A small fingerprint Drawer lock can easily transform your experience of using your drawers and cabinets hence while buying a digital drawer lock we have questions in our mind, however all the information is already available on the product detail page. We also have added some frequent question that will help you to choose the best smart furniture lock for your home

  • Q- Where can I install my Smart drawer Lock?

    Answer- Those tinny smart drawer locks will be easily added to any drawer and cabinet and improve the aesthetics and experience of your drawer. Be it kitchen or bathroom cabinets and desk drawers. The only suggestion from our side is to install the lock as far from the door hinges as possible so that you feel comfortable while using it.

  • Q- Will it work on my drawer?

    Yes, that’s the ideal use of it. You can check the product title about the thickness of your doors before buying. Once you install it, you never need to worry about unlocked drawers and cabinet again. Whether you need safety of medicine, liquor, important documents, or cleaning supplies, the smart cabinet locks discreetly mount inside most cabinets and drawers to provide peace of mind when you’re not around.

Smart Biometric Lock for Cabinets completely Hidden from View-

Smart drawer locks for cabinets are designed for security, security of documents, medicines, and whatever you can put in your Drawer. Once it is installed, you can lock it and unlock it using your fingers. Your finger will be the key. The buyer has the authority to use it according to the requirement. They are not only very cost-effective but also an essential part of your home security to reduce the risk of breaking them.

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