Buy the Best SMD Rework Station Online in India

Find the best SMD machine under 5000. The best SMD will let you fix any PCB issues with comfort.

We’ve done our share of researching too, and these 5 SMD machines are some of the best you can get under 5000. Lace-up and grab some water, because it’s time to hit the road.




Best SMD Machine under 5000 for mobile repairing Recommendations

Soldering is one of the most delicate things which needs a professional hand. No matter your age or experience, a best SMD machine can help in most of the mobile hardware issues. In order to produce the information about best SMD rework station, we have thoroughly researched the mobile tool market and made the conclusion that these 5 SMD machines are best, see the list-

  • Quick 900
  • maxx pamma 858D
  • SIRON 878AD
  • Maxx pamma 900
  • BABA 850 AD

#1 Quick 900 Medium Budget 3 in 1 SMD Machine

3-in-1-smd-machine-quick-900-Thane-Bhopal-Indore-Pimpri-Chinchwad-Patna-Vadodara-Ghaziabad-Ludhiana-Agra-Nashik-Faridabad-Meerut-Rajkot-Kalyan-Dombivli-Vasai-Virar-Varanasi-Srinagar-Aurangabad-Dhanbad-Amritsar-Navi Mumbai-Allahabad-Howrah-Ranchi-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar

Professionals who appreciate a high quality soldering are probaby familiar with Quick.

A medium-budget SMD reworks Station, Quick 900 comes with an adjustable  5v DC variable heat setting, Built-in Hot Air Gun and 12W Micro Soldering IronBattery Eliminator, 3x Air Gun Nozzles.

Thanks to high-quality materials and manufacturing, top notch finishing hae allowed this SMD machine to make more soldering work easy then eer.

#2 Maxx Pamma 858D All in One SMD at lowest price


If you prefer Maxx pamma products over others then you must check this budget smd, maxx pamma 858D is one of the rare kind of smd which makes desoldering process smooth and its plastic burn free features safeguards other components.

Smooth desoldering has unique demand that a traditional smd can’t fulfil, and , 858D comes equipped with all the feature you need in a good SMD.

Automatic temperature control upto 450 degrees, round tips nozzle worth 300 along with soldering wire and a warranty of 6 month is not a bad deal. Apart from that the online popularity of 858D maxx pamma SMD is the reason it is listed in second position in our list.

#3 SIRON 878D 2 in 1 Soldering Station

siron-878ad-Heavyduty Esd Safe-smd-machine-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar-Salem-Warangal-Mira-Bhayandar-Jalgaon-Kota-Guntur-Bhiwandi-Saharanpur

This extremely lightweight multifunction smd made for home and industrial purpose. You can say it is hot air and iron digital smd rework station.

SIRON 878AD is full made in india ESD Protected Hot Air and Iron Rework Station. It comes with a soldering iron as well as a temperature controlled hot air blower attachment.

You will get 1 Soldering Iron, 1 Hot Air Gun, 1 Station, 3 Nozzles of Different Sizes, 1 Stand in the whole package.

#4 Maxx pamma 900 Burn Free SMD Machine


It doesn’t matter what level of proficiency you have or how good you are at soldering. Maxx pamma auto cut 900 smd rework station is ideal for mobile reparing work.

Maxx Pamma 900 SMD was launched in 2019 and was low profile in these days and slowly got the response from the customer and now in 2020 it widely popular smd in the market.

It comes with soldering station, micro pen iron, power supply and hot gun. best smd rework station in india, and it is no denying fact that for a small mobile repairing shop this SMD machine is best.

#5 BABA Tools SMD 850 AD Online


High-quality SMD machine from BABA tools Delhi. The nozzle, wire, the temperature setting is almost top-notch, and that is the reason it was widely popular in the year 2019.

BABA tools have other SMD machines in that range you can also see 930D, K3, 850AT. For those who love automatic SMD machine, and already familiar with baba tools know how BABA850AD SMD is best in SMD machine low price category.

We have found baba 850AD is a durable and a product you can rely on for mobile and laptop motherboard repairing.

Buy baba 850 ad smd online at low Price in India

Still in doubt about choosing the best SMD Machine?
Your all questions are answered here!

Q. What is the full form of SMD machine?

A. In mobile repairing, SMD stands for the surface-mount device, an electronic device for which the components like resistor, capacitor, or integrated circuit are mounted into Printed circuit board (PCB).

Q. Which is the best SMD machine, automatic or manual?

A. Automatic SMD has greater functionality than the manual one. For ease and greater functionality, we would like to recommend automatic SMD machine.

Q. What are the prices of SMD machine on Flipkart?

A. Flipkart has a variety of SMD rework station, you can choose as per the budget, the prices ranged from 6500 to 15000.

Q. What is the SMD machine price in Delhi?

A. You can buy all brand SMD rework station in Delhi, The price is based on the brand you are selecting, and if you order online it includes the courier charges as well.


To make this list of best SMD machine in India for mobile phone repairing, we have included the different factors like a low price, durability, ease of working and power consumption.

Our pick for the best SMD machine under 5000 is the SIRON 878AD and Maxx pamma 900 3 in 1 SMD. They are great all-around rework station, portable and durable.

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