5 Best Small Safe for Home Online in India 2022

Safety avoids accidents, and this is something we heard a lot. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and when it comes to safety at home no one wants to compromise with it. We all have important items related to personal and business life. To safeguard all those belongings a security safe is a must. 

A small safe for home is something that can take away your stress and headache in the event that an item is stolen. An Electronic safe offers both security and storage, the reason behind the popularity of a small safe for house is to make valuable protective. It provides peace of mind when you are not in the home. 

The Best Home Safes of 2022- 

We combed through top-rated safes and compared prices and features side by side to find the best.

  1. O- Laptop: Best overall home safe
  2. Ezee+ Safe: Best small safe for home
  3. Tusker 11:  Budget small jewelry safe
  4. O- Squire: Best biometric home safe
  5. Fire Warrior-22:  fireproof home safe

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1. O- Laptop: Best overall home safe Locker

The O-Laptop is a durable and reliable electronic safe for home use. It is equipped with a user pin code and LED display along with that it also has the auto freeze feature that makes it more secure. Although it is not fireproof safe its price, warranty, and look make it the best among other safe lockers

Warranty: 24 Months

Ideal for: Home, Office, Hotel Use


  • Portable
  • Auto Secure Feature 
  • Strong Construction


  • Not a Fireproof and waterproof 

You can order this safe online from Amazon and the official website of Ozone by visiting this link

2. Ezee+: Small Digital Safe:

This tiny small safe is widely popular and one of the top-selling small safe box for homes. It comes with electronic locking and user pin access. the stainless steel material with a high-security emergency key makes it operatable in case you forget the user PIN. 

The compact design makes it easy to handle and it can be placed inside the cabinets, side tables, drawers, and almirahs. The 24 months warranty also gives reliability and its construction makes it durable.


  • High-Security Emergency Key
  • Touch Screen Digital Panel 
  • Fake PIN/Password Function 
  • External Battery Power Backup option if the battery runs out


  • The Volume (5.28 liters) is not something you can put everything on it.

3. Tusker 11: Best Jewellery Safe Locker for home

Security is not spent any more, it is an investment. When it comes to precious jewelry, you don’t want it to give the thieves and intruders. The tusker-11 safe looks costly in this category but comes with an extra layer of security that makes it the best jewelry safe. 

The Tusker-11 smart safe is ideal for daily valuables like cash, documents, and jewelry. It comes with scratch-resistant surface alongside powder coating, for convenience. The most important feature of this 10 ltr safe is its loud burglar alarm, which is activated when 3 consecutive wrong pin attempts.


  • 24 Months Warranty  
  • Set your own User PIN code to unlock your digital safe, 
  • Emergency override key
  • LED Display
  • Low Battery Indicator


  • Not a fireproof or waterproof safe

4. O- Squire: Best Biometric Home Safe

The O-Squire safe is made of high-quality stainless steel material and comes with an emergency override key. It can be used in  Home, Office & Hotel and is a perfect gift for personal use. If you are looking for a Durable and robust body with improved reliability for further protection then O-Squire safe is a wise choice for you.


  • User PIN code to unlock your digital Safe,
  • High-Security Emergency Key
  • Auto Secure Mode
  • LED Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • External Battery Backup


  • Not a fireproof or waterproof Safe

5. Fire Warrior-22: Best Fireproof Safe Locker for Home

The fire Warrior-22 is a heavy-duty fire-resistant safe. It is designed with Cellulose Concrete that makes it Fire-Proof, the scratch-resistant material and heavy-duty steel body make it durable. It ensures the maintenance of inner temperature at less than 118°C, even while exposed to a flame of 1,030°C for an hour.


  • Emergency Override Key in case of loss of PIN.
  • User PIN Code Access 
  • High-Security Emergency Key
  • Auto Secure Mode


Price is a little higher than other home safety lockers

The customer always buys safe to protect valuables from theft and fire accidents. for that Fire warrior, 22 is an absolute beast for a reasonable price. Although, I am a fan of Tusker 11 because it has the functionality you love it. While you can bolt this safe to the ground, there are (understandably) no other mounting options.

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