7 Best screwdriver set for mobile phones Repairing India 2022

In today’s competitive market, one needs to be accurate and effective in their work at the same time. For a mobile phone technician efficiency also lies on his tools




Best Screwdriver sets

Best screwdriver set for mobile phones

Today we will talk about the best screwdriver set for mobile phones repairing so that next time when you are assembling or disassembling the phone you done it more smoothly and the tool you can rely on…

7. PagKis Screwdriver Tool Kit

A low budget screwdriver set for opening PDA device, mobiles and laptops. If you have a little budget or a hobbyist then you can consider this mobile repair tool kit.

  • 3 Philips head screwdriver bits.
  • T8 ~ T9 | PH#000 for opening Samsung galaxy series mobiles
  • Precision machined bits made of chrome vanadium with strong magnetic properties

The package contains 2 openers , 1 tweezer and 8 PC’s reversible driver bits

6. Techtest 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set

A universal and portable repair toolkit, ideal mobile screwdriver set for opening a variety of electronic gadgets. 25 head sizes give the flexibility of disassembling. 

  • High-end leather protects screwdrivers from losing, crushing.
  • Aviation aluminium made high-quality grip.

Usage: repairing computers, smartphones, television, telephone, glasses, CD/VCD/DVD device, optical device. A practical tool for repairing.

5. MMobiel 24 in 1 Screwdriver Set for Smartphones

With the affordable and well-organized High-Quality Toolkit, you’ll have access to 24 bits, disassemble, change broken parts of mobile, Computers, laptops with ease.

  • Includes 50 meters 2mm adhesive tape set of 3 Anti Static Tweezers, SIM PIN and more.
  • Compatible with iPhone, Google Pixel, Honor, one plus, Samsung, Sony, redmi, oppo etc..
  • Easy to work, lightweight and portable screwdriver for mobile repairing

4. JAKEMY JM-8169 48 in 1 Screwdriver Set  – 

JAKEMY JM-8169 is a multipurpose screwdriver set with a minimum aluminium case. It works for almost every electronics gadget like a mobile phone, laptop, game consoles, eyeglasses, computer etc.

There a lot of pros of using Jakemy JM-8169 Screwdriver set, few are listed below: 

  • S2 Steel Material – Extraordinary hardness and superior toughness 
  • 25 Magnetic Bits to fit well to tiny screws of your electronics
  • Mini aluminium alloy case makes it easy to carry or store, light and portable. 

Get your hands on with Jakemy 48 in 1 screwdriver set and make the disassembling process more effective.

3. AMICI 25 in 1 Multi Pocket Repair Tool Kit-


AMICItool’s screwdriver set primarily designed for laptop device, but it is also capable of disassembling of various mobile phone, watches, and other electronic gadgets. The aviation aluminium made grip, durable heads make this screwdriver a real worth of money.

  • Leather wallet for screwdriver protection, portable and not easy to drop.
  • 25 screwdriver heads give you more option for disassembling mobile phones.
  • Screwdriver heads have been processed with high temperature.
  • Non-magnetic Screw Driver Tool
  • Compatible with ALL iPhones 3G to 7 plus, ALL Samsung Galaxy phones and others as well

2. Quad Store 60 In 1 Toolkit

A real gem in the category this 60in1 screwdriver toolkit is professional’s choice. this precision screw drier set is capable of doing assembling and dissembling of almost every electronic device, and it makes it must-have repair toolkit for home and professional workplace.

  • 60 Bits are made of s2 shock resistant tool steel.
  • Ergonomic press and push design make it durable.

Suitable for mobile/smartphone, laptop, tv, radio, watches, spectacles and general electronic goods etc.

1. Eocean 110 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Repair Tool Kit

The reason for being it on the top of the list is its functionality with 110 bits and a lot of accessories makes it an ideal choice and value for money.

  • Multi-Magnetic Screwdriver Set
  • High Quality and Well designed toolkit
  • Impact-resistant tool steels to tighten the screws during the repair
  • Lightweight, portable and compact design

Perfect for repairing laptops, mobile devices, laptops, iPhones, camera and other precision items like wristwatches and eyeglasses.

If you are running a mobile repairing shop, you have a lot of customers come with mobile phone repairing. a mini screwdriver set in the shop is must haVe thing. so we have shared this list to find best screwdriver set in India.

As you can see in the top of the screwdriver set for mobile phone repairing, the screwdriver set is one of the most durable customs kits you can buy.

Find the best screwdriver set for mobile phones and disassemble mobile phones like never before!

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