Best OCA Lamination Machine Online in India 2022

Many jobs require the accuracy, and when it comes to replacing a broken mobile glass it becomes more challenging. OCA Lamination machine is much convenient to do so and are popular among mobile repairing professionals. Checkout our oca machine reviews and find the best oca lamination machine for glass repairing in the Indian market.

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Why Trust Us?

All our reviews are based on the market research which we did by one to one communication with the people who are replacing the glass screen for years.

Benefits of OCA Lamination Machine –

  • Easy to use: The best oca lamination machine will enable you to fix a broken screen without having any accidental damage. put it on lamination chamber, and remoe bubble if any in air bubble remover.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy of oca lamination machine is the thing which makes it run over a long time. You have no longer rely on the old fashioned glass repairing machine. A new oca machine will far more smooth and take less time in the process.
  • Convenient: The new oca machine are just required a push to start, some of them are automatic, some are 5 in 1 and some are even 3 in 1 mobile oca machine

Types of OCA Lamination Machine:

  • Flat: It is totally up to you to choose a flat specific machine, such machines are made for flat screen mobile phone, for the edge you need to use base mould
  • Edge: If your mobile repairing business receives customers for edge screen than you can go with such a machine.
  • Flat+ Edge Mobile OCA Machine: A new edge high-end oca machines compatible with both types of mobile phones. They are more productive, durable and many other functions.


Best Services

Best services have various models of mobile LCD lamination machine. The company was formed in Delhi with the launch of bst series mobile oca machine. One popular product is the BST 2 oca machine.


YMj is a pioneer in mobile repairing machine They have launched their product in years back and it is still popular in the market.

G2 mark

It was founded in Kolkata, West Bengal. Primarily it is known for offering mobile software tools but now they are manufacturing a lot of mobile repairing tools, machines and accessories. Two of its popular products are RE 700 and RE 793 OCA Machine

BABA Tools

BABA tools design low budget, effective tools and machines to make the professional work easier. Two of its top products are baba 2100 and microscope. The head office of baba tools is located in Karolbagh, Delhi.


Lohia Telecom is also based on Delhi. The company manufactures various tool including
touch screen, touch panel, microscope and more. Two of its top popular products are Lohia 786 and Lohia 888 oca machine.

Best OCA Lamination Machine Recommendations 2020

Lohia 888 OCA Machine

The Lohia 888 oca machine is newly launched in the Indian market, it has an excellent finish, and easy to use interface.

BABA 2100

It is a 4 part oca machine, which comes with lamination chamber, bubble remover, air compressor and vacuum pump. it was the top-selling oca lamination machine of 2019.

YMJ OCA Machine

YMJ OCA machine is considered a machine of the high budget range, but working on YMJ is an amazing experience. It is the price which can make you disappoint otherwise it is a top choice!

OCA Lamination Machine Pricing
  • Under 50000

A Low cost display glass lamination machine will cost around 45 to 50 K

  • 50,000 – 60,000

A flat specific high-quality oca lamination machine will come in this range, perfect for mobile shop and service centre.

  • Over 60,000

Machines with supreme quality, the weight parts everything is in top-notch in these machines.


  • Which is the best oca lamination machine?

When it comes buying something it totally depends on the budget and the need. Whether it is YMJ, BST2, BABA2100 or Lohia 888, see which oca lamination machine fulfils your need.

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  • How does oca machine work?


Our pick for the best OCA Lamination machine is the Lohia 888 OCA Machine. It’s accurate, simple to use, and very light and compact, so it’s easy to carry around.

If you want a more budget-friendly option, consider the BST 1, KO No 2, BABA 2100 oca machine.

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