High Quality Popular Floor Spring for Glass Door Online in India 2022

You have seen Floor springs in Corporate Buildings, Hospitals, and shopping malls that make both push and pull movements easy. They are mostly used in glass Doors along with patch fitting. It is a hydraulic door closer that uses a turbine instead of a rack.

When it comes to a door control system, we have two options either install a Door Closer or a Floor spring. Although the price is similar, it is the choice and convenience that one should choose Floor spring over Door Closer. Moreover, it can be used for doors that open in both directions.

Floor Spring for Glass Door Online –

The door Control system is one of the prominent areas when it comes to Door hardware, and both the door closer and floor spring have a similar task but the best part of the is, that they can be opened in two directions.

1. Dorset FS 120 Floor Spring Online

Floor spring for upto 120 kg swing doors (both sides) opening; Built with grey Cast Iron mechanism body.


Contains in-built hold open feature for holding door at 90 degree; High quality oil used to withstand extreme temperature conditions

2. RAB Floor Machine Stainless Steel Floor Spring Heavy Duty Door Spring –

This is ideal for 90 kg door weight and contains 1-Piece Floor Spring, 1-Bottom Patch, 2-Top Patch, 1-Top Plate Pivot for the patch, 1-Pair Glass Handle, 1- Patch Fitting Lock With 2 Computer Keys. It requires no digging on the floor, easy to install, and is designed with high precision.

Floor Spring for wooden & Glass Doors

Product Highlights:-

  1. Sturdy and durable.
  2. Corrosion and wear resistance.
  3. Made with high-quality stainless steel.
  4. Suitable for all glass doors.
  5. Stable and safe to use.

3. Met Craft Stainless Steel Double Cylinder Floor Spring for Wood/Aluminium/Glass Door-

Metcraft buildware Aligarh-based hardware company dealing in the best range of brass hardware fittings, brass door kits, brass pull handles, knob locks & mortise locks with effective & timely delivery. This is ideal for doors Weight Upto 120 KG.


This universal floor spring is a highly adaptable suitable for all standard single-and-double action doors with widths up 1100mm, with its closing force individually regulated through adjustment screws.

Product Feature-

  1. Suitable for the size of door 850 x 2100mm.
  2. Suitable for left-right opening & single-door, double door two-direction opening, 90° hold open
  3. Easy to adapt to individual requirements with dual valve Closing speed and latching speed both can be adjusted
  4. Passed durability test for 5,00,000 cycles with Door weight up to 120 kgs.
  5. Height-4mm, Width 5mm from left 10mm from the right with SS-304 Grade Upper plate

4. Met Craft Stainless Steel Single Cylinder Floor Spring for Wood/Aluminium/Glass Door


This Metcraft product is ideal for door Weight Upto 90 KG. It is ideal for left-right openings & single-door, double-door two-direction openings. It comes with a Dual valve Closing speed and latching speed both can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Product Feature-

  1. Suitable for the size of door 850 x 2100mm.
  2. Passed durability test for 5,00,000 cycles.
  3. SS-304 Grade Upper plate

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Why Choose Floor Spring over Door Closers?

Now Let’s break down the reason why one should go with floor spring when it comes to the aesthetics and convenience, adaptability, and of course the budget.

  1. Aesthetics-

They are embedded within the floor and there is a very less portion that can be seen so the overall aesthetics is maintained. As a homeowner, You don’t want to affect the clean simplicity of a glass door with a bulky door closer, so a good solution here would be to use a floor spring.

  1. Convenience

Floor springs suit both the internal and external doors and have a very shallow installation height and are comfortable with almost every type of floor structure.

  1. Adaptability-

Floor Springs work with most doors and various models are suitable for single or double action doors. Various models are suitable for single or double action doors. Floor springs are particularly effective for use with oversized doors.

If your premises require that you have door closers, and you would prefer concealed ones, then floor springs have the edge over conventional versions because they are well suited to pretty much any situation.

Top 5 Floor Spring Brands in India-

  1. enox
  2. Godrej
  3. Dorset
  4. Ozone
  5. Metcraft

Floor Springs are great for full-height or heavier doors, work equally well with single or double-leaf and, best of all – they automatically combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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