Buy the best Concealed door closer in India 2022

The door closers are always in the priority for every house, unlike the traditional door closers, today commercial or residential properties are using a modern door closer and they are now an integral part of privacy, safety, and security.

Best Automatic Door Closers in India:

Before I tell you the best-concealed door closer, just take a look at the common automatic door closers –

  • Overhead door closers
  • Surface-mounted door closers
  • Floor spring door closers
  • Concealed door closers

Top 5 Concealed door closers-

Concealed door closers provide similar functionality to overhead door closers but are fitted within the door leaf and frame. This type of door closer helps to reduce vandalism, as most of the door closer is hidden from sight. In this post, I am going to show you the best-concealed door closer which you can buy online – 

1. Ozone CDC-3800 E Steel Concealed Door Closer, Grey

A fully hydraulic concealed door closer controlled adjustable closing speed in two independent ranges. The door closer is fire tested and certified by Warrington APT laboratory, UK.

Product Information:

Door Weight – 60 kg

Door Width – 950 mm

Door thickness – 35 mm

Maximum Angle of Door Opening – 120 degrees

Cycles Tested – 5 lac cycles

Color Finish – Silver

Material – Aluminum with rust-free feature

Warranty – 1 year

Extra Feature: Concealed rack & pinion door closer with EN3-

  • Power size adjustable
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Adjustable latching speed
  • Force resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant

Why you can consider it?

This concealed door closer is listed in #49,267 in the Home Improvement category and #180 in the Door Closers category in major online shopping platforms. Below are some other reasons to consider it –

  • CDC-3800 E is useful for both left and right-hand door openings.
  • Door closer with patch fitting and sleek construction
  • Easy to install, looks elegant, and works smoothly

CDC-3800 E Concealed Door Closer Price: Check here

2. Volo Automatic Hydraulic Concealed Pelmet Arm Door Closer-

A Premium Heavy Duty Double Speed door closer for Residential/Commercial Purpose with Fitting Set. It is Suitable for Right Hand & Left Hand Opening doors. It’s super thin, stylish, robust, and high performance makes it ideal for hotel rooms, reception rooms, hallway, and modern offices. 

Product specification:

Color: Silver

Door Weight Capacity: 30kg- 80kg

Door width: 1100-2100mm

Material: Aluminum

Item Weight: 1.8 kg

Why you can consider it?

  • Double speed- Adjustable latching speed
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Minimum door thickness for installation 40 mm
  • Easy installation
  • Universal mounting, can be used for right/left swing door
  • Heavy-duty with modern and slick design

This concealed door closer is listed in #5,087 in the Home Improvement category and #25 in the Door Closers category in major online shopping platforms in India.

3. Godrej Locks Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Door Closer (Silver):

When it comes to home appliances, who can forget the name Godrej. One of the prestigious companies delivering quality products. To make door opening and closing one can choose the Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Door Closer from Godrej.


  • Right hand and left-hand opening doors
  • Mounting on door panel or door frame
  • Feasible for Door weight up to 60kg
  • Door panel up to 900mm width
  • Door opening up to 180 degrees width
  • Adjustable closing and latching speed

It is listed at #35,780 in the Home Improvement segment and #188 in the Door Closers segment on Amazon. The best part of this concealed door closer is, one can get free installation for Doors and wooden frames

4. Yale Door Closer (DCR-503), Door Weight Upto 65 Kgs (Silver)

If you are looking for reliable, durable yet great in appearance, then I would like to recommend Yale Door Closer. For any commercial application, you can rely on DCR-503 Yale Door closer.

Why do you consider Door closers?

Type: Surface mounted

Technology: Rack and pinion

Material: Aluminum

Item Dimension: 177 mm x 40 mm x 63 mm

Suitable for left and right-hand opening doors

Suitable for door width: 850- 950 mm

Suitable for door weight: Up to 60 kg

Speed adjustment: Two (closing and latching)

Warranty: 3 years from the date of purchase

Popularity in Online Portals: Architectural hardware products are hard to find, but fortunately you can find this Yale door closer on Amazon. The in-Home improvement category is listed in #1,523 and #16 in the Door Closers category.

5. TNL Aluminium Hydraulic Door Closer Pelmet

To buy durable, high-performing home appliance products under budget then you can consider TNL aluminum. The success of this company lies in its quality automatic door closer that is widely appreciated in the retail market.


  • Sliding Arm for Parallel Motion Track. Suitable for Compact and Superior Door wall Space Saver with Luxury Look.
  • Any Angle Hold open Track Arm, can be Adjusted as per your Choice angle Point.
  • Door Opening Angle 180 Degrees.
  • Two non-critical adjusting valves (sweep and latch) with thermostatic properties work to provide consistent closing speeds under a wide variety of temperatures.
  • Available with optional delayed action to delay door closing from maximum opening. Delay time is adjustable.

Note:  You have to fit it to the indoor side of the door, or to that side the door opens. Otherwise, you will not be able to open the door if you fit it to the wrong side.

Best Door Closer brand in India

The best-concealed door closer price ranges between 1500 to 5500 online in India as of December 2021. Many users search for which is the best door closer brand, for those I would like to suggest Ozone, Godrej, and Volo. They have a broad range of products you can choose from.  

As far as the brands go, Ozone door closers are among the best brands. They have a broad range from economy to luxury at a very reasonable price. Their door hardware products have received the trust of the consumers as well.

It is the most preferred brand in India and the Southeast Asian market for the best door hardware products. The brand provides door closers with the best features for the safety of the workers. 

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