A Glance at the 10 Popular Cylindrical lock Brands in India

People often not able to decide whether go with mortise lock or the cylindrical lock and ends up with a dilemma, which one to choose. To answer this question we have collected information from the different sources ranging from the residential properties, restaurants, and people from door and lock hardware varies as much as their industry focus.

Mortise Lock vs Cylindrical Knob Lock –

If I talk about the key comparison, they are league apart and there is a huge difference in the mechanism itself. In this blog post you will get to know best Cylindrical Lock brands, the key difference and which one is suitable for you. So lets get started-

  1. Cylindrical knob locks are easy to install.
  2. Cylindrical locksets are commonly found in homes, offices, and interior doors.
  3. A mortise lock is one that requires a pocket—the mortise.

Most Popular Cylindrical Lock Brands in India –

  • Dorset
  • Godrej
  • Europa Locks

Cylindrical Lock for Door –

Cylindrical locks can be configured for many lock functions, such as storeroom, classroom, bedroom, bathroom, etc. In addition, levers can be clutched. The most common lock type available is typically used in a single or double bore application.

Now lets deep down and find out the best Cylindrical knob lock for you-

(1) Dorset Cylindrical lock with key

The contemporary design is still in the game and Dorset offers the best quality cylindrical knob lock with key. A smart entrance system that comprises with ergonomic grip is used to lock the door from one side using the key and another side from the button. It uses Hybrid Key Technology and ensures controlled access from one.


This knob lock is available in 3 different finishes and 4 keys and is 70 mm in size. So if you are looking to buy a durable Cylindrical knob lock then you can go for this.

(2) Cylindrical Lock without key –

a unique privacy solution for all your needs, this keyless Cylindrical knob Lock also comes in 3 finishes and a contemporary knob design used to lock the door by pressing the button.


Dorset offers stylish locks for interconnecting doors to make your life convenience then ever. These locks are available in many attractive finishes to suit your home decoration and style.

Cylindrical Knob Lock Price –

The price of a Cylindrical knob lock ranges between 700-2500 INR depending on the design and built material. You can shop online and track the prices.

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High Quality Popular Floor Spring for Glass Door Online in India 2022

You have seen Floor springs in Corporate Buildings, Hospitals, and shopping malls that make both push and pull movements easy. They are mostly used in glass Doors along with patch fitting. It is a hydraulic door closer that uses a turbine instead of a rack.

When it comes to a door control system, we have two options either install a Door Closer or a Floor spring. Although the price is similar, it is the choice and convenience that one should choose Floor spring over Door Closer. Moreover, it can be used for doors that open in both directions.

Floor Spring for Glass Door Online –

The door Control system is one of the prominent areas when it comes to Door hardware, and both the door closer and floor spring have a similar task but the best part of the is, that they can be opened in two directions.

1. Dorset FS 120 Floor Spring Online

Floor spring for upto 120 kg swing doors (both sides) opening; Built with grey Cast Iron mechanism body.


Contains in-built hold open feature for holding door at 90 degree; High quality oil used to withstand extreme temperature conditions

2. RAB Floor Machine Stainless Steel Floor Spring Heavy Duty Door Spring –

This is ideal for 90 kg door weight and contains 1-Piece Floor Spring, 1-Bottom Patch, 2-Top Patch, 1-Top Plate Pivot for the patch, 1-Pair Glass Handle, 1- Patch Fitting Lock With 2 Computer Keys. It requires no digging on the floor, easy to install, and is designed with high precision.

Floor Spring for wooden & Glass Doors

Product Highlights:-

  1. Sturdy and durable.
  2. Corrosion and wear resistance.
  3. Made with high-quality stainless steel.
  4. Suitable for all glass doors.
  5. Stable and safe to use.

3. Met Craft Stainless Steel Double Cylinder Floor Spring for Wood/Aluminium/Glass Door-

Metcraft buildware Aligarh-based hardware company dealing in the best range of brass hardware fittings, brass door kits, brass pull handles, knob locks & mortise locks with effective & timely delivery. This is ideal for doors Weight Upto 120 KG.


This universal floor spring is a highly adaptable suitable for all standard single-and-double action doors with widths up 1100mm, with its closing force individually regulated through adjustment screws.

Product Feature-

  1. Suitable for the size of door 850 x 2100mm.
  2. Suitable for left-right opening & single-door, double door two-direction opening, 90° hold open
  3. Easy to adapt to individual requirements with dual valve Closing speed and latching speed both can be adjusted
  4. Passed durability test for 5,00,000 cycles with Door weight up to 120 kgs.
  5. Height-4mm, Width 5mm from left 10mm from the right with SS-304 Grade Upper plate

4. Met Craft Stainless Steel Single Cylinder Floor Spring for Wood/Aluminium/Glass Door


This Metcraft product is ideal for door Weight Upto 90 KG. It is ideal for left-right openings & single-door, double-door two-direction openings. It comes with a Dual valve Closing speed and latching speed both can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Product Feature-

  1. Suitable for the size of door 850 x 2100mm.
  2. Passed durability test for 5,00,000 cycles.
  3. SS-304 Grade Upper plate

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Why Choose Floor Spring over Door Closers?

Now Let’s break down the reason why one should go with floor spring when it comes to the aesthetics and convenience, adaptability, and of course the budget.

  1. Aesthetics-

They are embedded within the floor and there is a very less portion that can be seen so the overall aesthetics is maintained. As a homeowner, You don’t want to affect the clean simplicity of a glass door with a bulky door closer, so a good solution here would be to use a floor spring.

  1. Convenience

Floor springs suit both the internal and external doors and have a very shallow installation height and are comfortable with almost every type of floor structure.

  1. Adaptability-

Floor Springs work with most doors and various models are suitable for single or double action doors. Various models are suitable for single or double action doors. Floor springs are particularly effective for use with oversized doors.

If your premises require that you have door closers, and you would prefer concealed ones, then floor springs have the edge over conventional versions because they are well suited to pretty much any situation.

Top 5 Floor Spring Brands in India-

  1. enox
  2. Godrej
  3. Dorset
  4. Ozone
  5. Metcraft

Floor Springs are great for full-height or heavier doors, work equally well with single or double-leaf and, best of all – they automatically combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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Take a Look at Top 10 Popular Door Handle Online in India

If you search for “door handles – type of door handles” on Google and you have found us, you will find the information here. You can think about the door handle that is ideal for a remodel, or maybe you’re intrigued with the variety available. You may have old, worn doors that need replacing as soon as possible.

Home is the ultimate thing every individual dream of, for an Indian perspective it becomes more important to have a house with a better look and aesthetics.

To make it secure Door Hardware is considered the primary thing. So here comes the idea of using the latest and modern door handle system that is not only secure but also looks luxurious. 

In door Hardware systems, Digital Door locks, doorknobs, floor spring, or any other door accessories are equally important when it comes to privacy, convenience, and security. There are several Door Handle brands in India, that you can consider buying a high-quality secured Door Handle design for your residential and commercial properties. Choosing the finest one is always a choice of the customers as per the need material, finishes, and the design.

High Quality Door Handle Designs-

While curating the list of best door handle design, we have considered the style, needs, ease of installation and aesthetics. Apart from that we have preference the handles with adjustable and suits to the variety of interior doors

In this blog post, I am going to cover the economical and premium quality handle design for main doors, Door handle price, and other features so that you can choose the best one, so without a delay lets have a look at the top 10 handles for main door online in India-

1. Torso : Main Door Handle by Dorset India-

Dorset a leading brand in Door Hardware manufacturing offers a wide variety of Handles for main door, Torso is one of the varieties that not only transform the beauty of the home but also its sculpted body shape transforms into an object of our daily needs.


This design celebrates the beauty of nicely carved and sculpted body forms in the surroundings around.

Available Finishes-

1. Satin Matt

2. Fero

3. Antique 

4. Titanium Matt

It is highly popular among architects, building contractors, and interior designers. The Torso main modern door handle price is 4390 INR.

2. Leva : Modern Front Door Handle-

Yet another modern handle design by Dorset offers the aesthetics at its best. Leva is a Model that compliments the door and makes it Lavish. Its simple design looks natural yet lavish at the same time. 


It is perfect for closets, hallways, children’s bedrooms, and any door. The Leva handles feature 4 finishes that include Satin Matt, Fero, Antique, and Titanium Matt and should fit in well with a variety of decors. The price of this door handle online is 4,620 INR and is recommended by many professionals.

3. Dana : Door Handle Online-

A premium quality handle by Dorset is ideal for offices and homes where a streamlined appearance is desired. Their brushed nickel finishes are easy to keep clean and don’t show fingerprints, and their thumb turn locks are simple to use when you need a bit of privacy.


In the first instance, it looks like a Bow, forming the grip of the lever which comes with Patina and silver satin finishes. 

Why Choose Dana Handles for Door?

  • Narrow Style And Easy Installation.
  • Easy Opening

The online price of this handle is 3015 INR and is suitable for you if you are looking for premium quality handles for your home.

4. D Type Door Handle-

A high-performance Door handle comes with durability and a traditional security system that gives excellent grip and makes it easy to handle. 

Visit this link and Consult with the experts to discover more secure solutions for offices & commercial spaces.

5. Velvet : Modern Main Door Handle-  

Guaranteed to fit on any standard pre-drilled door the Velvet handle outlines in the sleek curve give the luxurious exotic pattern and radiates complexity and playfulness in nature.


The installation of this handle is easy and if you have tools in hand then you can do it at ease.

Why Consider this Modern door Handle?

  •  Very sturdy feel
  •  Smooth turning action
  •  Right or left side placement

6. Primo : Handles

 Looking for comfortable, elegant yet durable handle? Then this modern handle will be the ideal for your home. Primo is made up of stainless steel that gives it strength and easily camouflages into any color scheme. The price of this handle is just 1920 INR.


The perfect handle may vary as per the the style of the home and the type of the door, the Torso Main Door Handle is in the top of our list because its design and material. For those who have budget constraint may go with Dana (a premium range in budget) which offers looks and privacy at a low price.

7. Merina : Door Handles for Front Door

Many user prefer handles made up of Stainless steel, the reason is they are weather-resistant and offer better stability and durability


Merina, yet another top selling door handles online in India. It comes with oval cross-section that makes it stylish and comfortable yo use. They are mostly used in the front door to improve the quality and appearance. The price of this handle is 3260 and you can buy it directly from the website and Amazon as well.

8. L Type Handle

Most commonly used Handles ideal for Main Door. L type door handles are durable, affordable and can be used in glass, wooden and metal doors as well.


It is made up of stainless steel and the best part of this handle is it comes with 5 years of warranty and you also get the trust of Dorset.

9. D Type with Plate

Whether you are plaaning to renovate you home and not able to fix what type of handle will be the perfect match or just exploring the door handle designs. The D Type with Plate can be considered because of its bold and basic shpe that gives excellent grip.


The price of this SS handle is 2690 INR, for the bulk orders you can avail the benifits of special offers as well.

10. Globo-

A synonym of luxury and lavishness, globo handles can enhance the aesthetics of any residential premises. A flat minimal expression of the beauty of pure shapes. These basic forms become the backdrop for other elements to come forward retaining their identity.


The price of this Handle is 4390 INR and for the bulk order you can avail the discount as well.

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The correct measurement determines the best model for your door. the build material and finish is equally important. Moreover, the best handle for main doors are not just about looks and price it is also includes the quality, ergonomics, ease of installation and the most important Durability.

Top 10 Door Handle Brands in India –

Here’s the list of best main door handle brands online-

  • Dorset
  • Godrej
  • Yale
  • Hafele
  • Hettich
  • ebco
  • Ozone
  • Lapo
  • Atom
  • Lavna

Internet is full of questions, where users are asking Which door handle is best? how to find the door handle near me? door handle design with price and what is universal door handle. We have tried to answer all those queries

If you like this post, do share your comment below.

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5 Best Fingerprint Door Locks for Office In 2022

Nowadays our Office Safety is our top most priority, so we can work smoothly without worrying about the Safety of our Office Premises, and how is that possible?

This is possible by using Ozone’s Smart Fingerprint Door Locks for Offices. Here we are providing detailed list of 5 Best Fingerprint Door Locks with their features & Specifications. All these locks have fingerprint access and other unlocking options and are easy to install.

Fingerprint Digital Glass Door Lock with 4-in-1 Access

  1. OZDL-23PCF-G2G-STD (Glass to Glass)

By installing this immensely smart looking fingerprint door lock will enhance the beauty of the office as well as it will increase the safety of office premises. This lock has a 4 in 1 access, which makes it more reliable and convenient to use. The owner can choose any unlocking method to unlock the door among the 4 available options as per his convenience.

This lock comes with the feature of Automatic locking function, by which it gets automatically locked when the person walks away. This Fingerprint lock can be installed in Offices, Hospitals, Banking Institutions, Apartments, and Other high security premises.


  • Voice Guided Operating Feature
  • Dual Combination Access
  • LCD Screen Displays Date, Time & User ID
  • Auto Secure Feature
  • Code Scrambling Function
  • Emergency Battery Backup Through USB
  • Suitable for Glass Door Thickness of 10-12 mm
  • Volume Settings
  • Low Battery Status Indicator


  • 4 Way Access – Fingerprint, RFID Card, User Pin Code & Remote Control (optional)
  • Automatic Locking Function
  • Doorbell Function
  • Passage (open) Mode
  • OZ-FDL-11-BL (Oracle Series)

This lock of Oracle series fit onto any standard doors. This finger print door lock for office came with some very smart accessing options of Fingerprint Access, RFID Access, User PIN Code Access, and Emergency Key. This Bluetooth enabled fingerprint lock can be fit onto any Wooden/ Metal internal doors with a thickness of 30 – 65mm. This lock has a different types of passwords for different uses i.e. OTP password, Times Password, Permanent Password, & Cyclic Password. This lock is very easy to install.


  • Access modes: Mobile App, Fingerprint, RFID Card, User Pin code
  • User Access rights: Admin, User, Guest
  • Alarms: Low Battery Notification
  • Type of Password: OTP Password, Timed Password, Permanent Password, Cyclic Password
  • Smart Features: Passage Mode, Anti-Theft Password, Audit Trail, Low Power Consumption, Smart Freeze, USB for Battery Backup
  • Door Thickness: 30-65mm
  • Application: For Wooden/Metal internal doors
  • Finish: Bronze, Black

3. OZ-FDL-22 RBL STD Black/SC (Trinity Series)

This OZ-FDL-22 RBL Std Black/SC lock of Trinity Series has an impeccable Mobile App Access, which allows the owner to unlock the door with the Application installed in his Smartphone. This lock can be operated by the android as well as IOS enabled smartphones. This does not only makes the User advanced but also technologically upgraded. As, these locks are the future of door locking system. It alerts the owner by alarming on Low Battery. Colour options available in this fingerprint door lock are Bronze and Black which gives a Classy looks to these fingerprint locks.


  • Material of Lock: Zinc Alloy
  • Material of Lock Body: SS304
  • Lock Size: “Handle : 148*27mm Base : 58mm”
  • Weight: 2KG
  • Access Modes: “Mobile App(Bluetooth/Gateway) Fingerprint Mechanical key”
  • Color Options: Black
  • Compatible Door Type: Wooden door
  • Working Voltage: 6V/4x (AAA Batteries)
  • Door Thickness: 35-50mm
  • Storage Capacity: 200 Fingerprints
  • Working Temperature: (-25?-60? )
  • Working Humidity: 20%-90%
  • Low Voltage Alarm: Less than 4.5V


  • Semiconductor fingerprint sensor(508dpi)
  • Passage mode function
  • Universal handle
  • User unlock records
  • Lock sound on/off through App
  • Auto locking time setting function
  • Emergency power supply through USB

4. OZ-FDL-01 BL STD (Morphy BT plus)

OZ-FDL-01 BL Std lock of Morphy BT plus series is a fingerprint door lock for office and can be used in the other security premises. This lock is 1 solution for many door locking problems, as it is highly secured and comes with many unlocking options i.e. Fingerprint access, RFID Card access, Pin Code Access and with the Emergency key. One of my favorite things in this lock is its Touch Screen provided to enter PIN code very smoothly, which makes this fingerprint door lock more beautiful & attractive.


  • Material of Lock: Zinc Alloy
  • Material of Lock Body: SS304
  • Front Panel Size: 335*70*20mm
  • Back Panel Size: 335*70*20mm
  • Weight: 4KG
  • Access Modes: “Mobile App(Bluetooth/Gateway) Fingerprint Password Card Mechanical key”
  • Color Options: Black
  • Compatible Door Type: Wooden door
  • Working Voltage: 6V/8x (AAA Batteries)
  • Door Thickness: 35-60mm
  • Storage Capacity: “200 RFID cards Password (no limit) 200 Fingerprints”
  • Working Temperature: (-25?-60? )
  • Working Humidity: 20%-90%
  • Low Voltage Alarm Less than 4.5V


  • Semiconductor fingerprint sensor (508dpi)
  • Passage mode function
  • Universal handle
  • User unlock records
  • Auto secure & break-in alarm
  • Lock sound on/off through App
  • Auto locking time setting function
  • Privacy locking
  • Anti-theft Password
  • Smart freeze
  • Emergency power supply through USB

5. Narrow Style Fingerprint Lock with Mobile App | 4 in 1 Access)

OZ-FDL-33 30AL BM has Narrow Style Fingerprint Door Lock with Mobile Application access. Now, the owner need not remember the any 4 to 8 digit combination to unlock the door. They just simply have to put their finger on the fingerprint sensor of this door lock. This will just not only save the time as well as enhance the productivity the organization. This lock is very sleek in design which makes it more compatible in comparison of any other fingerprint door lock options available in the market. Slim design of this lock does not make it less secure. It is highly secured and successfully tested in every possible situations. This lock can be fit onto any door having a thickness of 35-60mm. It has finishing of Stainless Steel, Black.


  • Access modes: Fingerprint, RFID Card, User Pin code, Emergency Key
  • User Access rights: Admin, User,
  • Alarms: Low Battery Notification, Auto Secure, Break-in
  • Smart Features: Passage Mode, Anti-Theft Password, Audit Trail, Low Power Consumption, Smart Freeze, USB for Battery Backup
  • Door Thickness: 35-60mm
  • Finish: Stainless Steel, Black


  • 30 AL means the lock supports 30*85 lock body for aluminium door
  • Black Finish         
  • Its without app lock

DG 801 fingerprint Door Lock by Dorset-

Dorset, an industry leader when it comes to Door handles offers a range of Digital Door locks. The reason I am suggesting this DG 801 Digital Door lock is because of its aesthetics and working. This all-in-one Digital Door Lock can be accessed with a Fingerprint, Password, RFID, and mobile Access what else a customer needs?

Apart from that they also offer architectural hardware solutions for residential and commercial properties. below is some more information about this fingerprint door lock.

Access Modes-

Finger Print ID (Upto 100 unique access)
Password: Master Mode (Upto 100 Pins)/Non-Master Model (1 Pin)
RFID: Master Mode (38 RFID)/Non-Master Mode (30 RFID)
Mobile Access
Mechanical Key
Video Door Phone (Optional)

Locking Modes-

  1. Dual Locking Mode
  2. Auto Locking Mode
  3. Manual Locking Mode
  4. Privacy Locking Mode


  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Fire Detection Alarm
  • Lock Engage Alarm
  • Intrusion Alarm

Smart Features-

  • Anti Theft Password
  • Volume Control
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Audit Trail
  • Universal Handed Operation
  • Drained Battery Quick Fix
  • Admin Control
  • Emergency Exit

If you are actively looking for a fingerprint door lock for office then this is the best for you. Visit this link and buy directly from the Dorset India website.

9 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Small Locker?

Every Office has important business documents and related stuff. Scattered documents and business papers does not look good and have a negative impact on one’s mind. In order to keep and maintain all those business stuff small lockers for office are required.

It is true that we cannot stop untoward from happening. But we can avoid them by preparing in advance by installing small safe lockers in our Offices.

Here are some reasons why there is a need of Office Safes?

  1. Security:

The basic reason for which Office Safes required is security. Obviously, nobody wants to lose any important document or belongings which will result in delay of work. Office Lockers does not only helps to keep the things safe but also it keeps the files and documents in an organized manner.

Small Lockers for Office Staff:

No business can work without its employees. It is necessary for the employees to work freely without any stress. Everyone has their important stuff to keep it safe, and if they are not able to keep it in a secure place, than they will be not able to work freely. By providing electronic safes for office, it will not only ensure them, that their belongings are safe but also encourage them to work hard for the company.

2. Efficient Office Utilization:

Small lockers can be arranged in the desired manner as per the office requirements. These lockers can be shifted to anywhere in the office as per their usage and utility. There are many offices which are running on rent, for them it is not possible to shift all those big shelves and cupboards. Replacing those old fashionable wooden shelves and drawers with these office safes which are specifically designed for modern office requirements will be a good step in progress of business.

3. Personalization:

This is one of the benefits of the Small lockers for offices, that they can be personalized with the size, colors, designs and much more as per the architecture of office. Modern offices requires modern lockers.

4. Saves Time:

How small lockers can save time of an organization? The answer to this question is very easy, Office Saves can save time by keeping everything on its right place. Whenever any documents or files are required in any given situation, one can easily find them in the locker, instead of looking for these files in many shelves or drawers. This will not only save the time, but it will also reduce the efforts of the employee as well as enhance the productivity of organization.

5. Reduction of Cost:

There are many offices which are running on rent. For them neither it is easy nor cost friendly to shift all those big shelves and drawers. Spending a huge amount in those big shelves and wooden drawers will not be a good decision for modern office requirements. Business owners should invest in these small locks for offices which results, in reducing their overall cost.

6. Optimized Office Space:

When we talk about space in office premises, it is just not only about the space but also about the productivity, capability, and potentiality of business. When everyone is running out of space, you can optimize given space in your office premises.

Small lockers for offices consumes less space in comparison of those big wooden shelves and cupboards. These office safes can be installed anywhere as per the requirements. These office safes comes with many smart features like PIN code access, auto lock, etc.

7. Significance:

Office Safes provided to the employees to store their own belongings such as Mobile phones, purse, watch, sunglasses, bags, etc. will make them feel responsible. As, they are accountable for all the things stored in it. It is their job to maintain and take care of their lockers. This will bring uniformity in the organization.

8. Professionalism:

In Offices, desks of employees as well as employers remains messy and untidy as there were many personal belongings, files, documents and other work related stuff on their desks. This does not look good at all.

This unorganized stuff can have a bad and negative impact on visitors and clients who visit on a daily basis. This bad impression will also affects the reputation and goodwill of the company.

To avoid these kind of situations, it is highly recommended to install Small lockers for office, which can help employees to keep their workplace in an organized way. In this way, office will look more professional and organized.

9. Positive Environment:

As we all know, well placed and organized items have a good impact on one’s mind. Organizing your office stuff with these office safes is not only secure but it also spreads positive energy and creates good vibes among the office employees and staff, which will not only provide them a good environment but also motivates them to work.

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What are the benefits of safe deposit locker in Office?

  • Safety and Security is the topmost benefit of installing small lockers for office.
  • Important documents, files and folders will always be on their right place.
  • Employees will have a sense of security that their belongings are safe and they can focus on their work.
  • It will help to get rid of those scattered and unorganized desk.
  • Office items will not be stolen.
  • Employees will not complaint about their missing belongings and request you to find the same.
  • Small lockers can be easily shifted from one place to another as per the requirements.
  • Small lockers for office consumes very less space in office premises.


In today’s scenario, we are still facing these problems of scattered things, safety and security, employees complaining about their missing belongings in corporate offices.

By analyzing all the above Needs, Requirements and Benefits for Small Locker for Offices. It is observed that there is a need of Office safes and small deposit lockers in the office premises to enhance the productivity of the organization.

Locker for home and offices are equally important to safeguard your valuables. At Ozone you will get a complete range of security solutions that includes security safes, Digital door locks, door bells, camera and furniture locks.

You can keep documents, debit card, jewelry along with other valuable inside the safe and live worry free. Nowadays, everyone is trying to get a stress free and relaxed life, there are many problems which we can stop from happenings just by taking a simple step to install Office Safes in our offices for the smooth functioning of our business.

5 Popular Fingerprint Door Lock Brands for Home Safety Online India 2022

Get rid of all those bulky key chains and open door to your sweet home with your fingerprint, RFID Card, or even a Pincode.

As you are already aware of the fact that Privacy, or security whatever the reason is, you need access control in your home or office. Fingerprint door locks also known as Biometric locks use a fingerprint to grant access to the building to one or a number of individuals.

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

  • What is a Fingerprint door lock?
  • How does a fingerprint lock work?
  • Things to consider when buying smart door locks?
  • Top 5 biometric fingerprint door locks

Best Fingerprint Door Locks brands for Home and Office

In this blog post, We will discover the best brands offering fingerprint door locks with a history of a happy customer, so stay tuned with us and find the best lock for your home and office-

1. Dorset Fingerprint Locks-

When it comes to quality digital door lock, Dorset is one of the preferred choice among users. the battery operated electromechanical locks comes with 4 Access modes that includes Pin, RFID, key and fingerprint access.

Apart from that remote and home automation is also included. If you are looking for one for your home and office than I would like to recommend DG 801 lock.



  1. Finger Print ID (Upto 100 unique access)
  2. Password : Master Mode (Upto 30 Pins)/Non Master Mode (1 Pin)
  3. RFID : Master Mode (38 RFID)/Non Master Mode (30 RFID)
  4. Mobile Access
  5. Mechanical Key
  6. Video Door Phone (Optional)

2. Ozone Digital Door Locks- 

When choosing a biometric fingerprint, the first thing we need is the reliability of the company so find a company that has specialization in smart door lock and fireproof safe technology. At first instance, I would like to recommend Ozone, a well-established architectural hardware company specializing in fingerprint door lock systems. The company offers various types of fingerprint locks for homes and offices. The most popular models are – 

Morphy BT OZ-FDL-03-BL-STD Electronic Door Lock System with Fingerprint Access


Ozone Morphy X OZDL-4WA-STD, Battery Operated Smart Door Lock 


Ozone OZ-FDL-33 Std SS anti theft Smart Door Lock for Home


Ozone Digital Lock OZDL-11-RF-STD with RFID Card Access for Wooden Doors


OZDL-11-FP-STD Door lock with fingerprint and password access  


The variety of smart door locks includes double authentication, an anti-theft mode, automatic locking, and a number of other beneficial features. Its SMU includes electronic safes, furniture locks, and other door control devices.  

Launch of Extended Warranty & CAMC facility on a select range of Digital Locks, Digital Safes, Hotel RFID Locks, and Automatic Doors.

3. Yale Smart Door Locks-

The story of yale digital door locks started in 1840, a Swedish door lock brand started as a small lock shop, and currently, the product line includes safes, smart storage products, and smart locks. The Yale Lock for keyless entry enables you to unlock the door with your smartphone.

The trust they acquire with their products is the reason they still exist today and in more than 120 markets. Below are some popular Yale door locks with fingerprints access – 

Yale YDME 90 Biometric Digital Lock India


Yale YDR 343 Smart Door Lock with Pin & Card Access


YDR 4110 Smart Rim Door Lock with Biometric, Pin & App-Enabled Access


YDM 3115-A, Smart Door Lock with RFID Card, Pin Code, Mechanical Keys for Home & Office


Yale YDR 3110 Smart Door Lock with Pin & Card Access, Wi-Fi Optional


4. Valencia Fingerprint Door Lock for Office and Home: 

Valencia is a part of ASSA ABLOY Group, a pioneer in the architectural hardware industry. The brand Valencia is focused on access control solutions. the product range includes locks, doors, gates, and entrance automation.

Be it commercial, residential, institutional, or industrial customers, they have solutions for all of them.  

1. Valencia- Ajax Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint Access-


It is one of the top-selling fingerprint door locks that come with Fingerprint access means you will never have to worry about forgetting your passwords or lost keys. The most convenient way to get in is with precise and rapid one-touch direct fingerprint identification.

Ajax Smart door Lock is one of the top-selling fingerprint door lock that comes with multiple access control including RFID, PIN Access & Manual Key. It powers you with convenient and secure access to your door. 

Features and Specification-

  • Item Dimension: 32 x 72 x 360 Millimeters
  • Package Contents: 1 Front Panel, 1 Back Panel, 4 AA Batteries, 2 Keys, 2 RFID Cards, User Manual & Fitting Screws
  • Pin Code and RFID Card access
  • Display & Voice Guidance 
  • Alarm for incorrect access for 3 + times.
  • 2-year warranty    

5. Qubo Smart Lock ( A Hero Group Initiative)

  1. Qubo Ultra Smart Biometric Door Lock


Yet another name in digital door lock industry. Qubo, a Hero Group Venture has recently introduced a wide range of smart devices that includes smart camera, video door bell and smart door locks. This smart door lock comes with Fingerprint, Pin code, RFID Access Card, Mechanical Key, apart from some common feature that you can also avail in other fingerprint lock for door, This Qubo Door lock have Voice Guidance feature for convenient access along with Silent mode option.

You can also get Low Battery Alerts on Qubo Mobile App & Voice prompt from the lock. USB charging enables access in emergency situations in case the battery is exhausted.

Warranty: 2 Year Warranty


  1. 5- Way Unlocking: Unlock using Fingerprint, Passcode, Bluetooth Mobile APP, RFID Access card or Emergency keys.
  2. Register upto 100 Fingerprints. Get 5 RFID Access Cards.
  3. Share Access OTP via WhastApp, SMS or Email for Unexpected Guests/
  4. Add Double Security that requires a combination of 2 access methods to unlock your door.

Free Installation Service Available- Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Guwahati, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Dehradun, Mangalore, Mysore, Bhopal, Surat

If you want to buy fingerprint door lock for office and home in india, then you must consider this lockset brand.

6. Denler Biometric Door Locks-

  • Denler DL04 Smart Lock Digital Door Lock
  • https://amzn.to/3LtCypQ

Denler, an Indian company started in 2006 is a reliable brand for Home Automation products and many more. If you are looking for Door Lock security solution with LCD Display Photo Video recording & Camera along with Inbuilt Door Bell then this is the Lock you can shop now.

It enables scanning your face without any touch & Fingerprints as you grip the lock. A lightning speed 0.25 seconds is all that is required to open. Much faster than any key. .

Warranty- 3 Years


  • Lock and unlock your door in a single motion
  • Remote Unlock – Unlock door without stepping to door. Wi-Fi Enabled door lock for remote unlocking using app from anywhere in the world.
  • 4 inch LCD display to live view visitor with SD card required separately for recording visitor video.
  • Manual Key for Wooden & Metal
  • Unlocking options – Fingerprint, App, RFID Card (2 provided), PIN, Manual Key (Provided)

Post- Fingerprint Digital Door Lock for Home and Office

Most Popular Fireproof safe For Home to Keep your valuables safe in 2022

Safes Built For Real Security – Home Fireproof Safes

Digital Safe lockers are quite popular these days, and we have recently shared a list of top-selling safes online recently, if you have visited this page then you can visit this link.

Today We are talking about Fireproof Safes for Home and office. That not only keep your valuables safe from theft also safeguard them in case of fire. Before writing this blog post best Fireproof safe for home, we have done researched and made this list of the top 5 fireproof safes online.

Best Fireproof safe For Home 2022:

You can’t test the efficiency of fire-resistant safe, but when the time comes, you hope that it will be worth far more than you spent on it. 

: Best Overall Fire Safe Locker- https://amzn.to/32cosYY

: Best Small Fireproof Safe  – https://amzn.to/3eReI9g

: Budget Fire Proof Jewelry Safe

: Best Medium Size Fire Resistant Safe

: Fireproof Home Safe Locker

Honeywell 1102 – 30 Minute Fire Safe Waterproof Safe Box-

As a Safe Locker enthusiast, I have tested a dozen safes over the span of 10 years. I can say that Honeywell’s 1102 Lightweight Fire and Waterproof safe is the best safe for home. 


Rated highly by previous buyers, this fire-resistant safe is capable of safeguarding your valuables for 30 minutes in case of fire. That means it has the greatest potential among document safes we’ve seen to keep your stuff—including irreplaceable documents, photos, and essentials like passports and birth certificates—secure.


  • 7-year limited warranty with a Lifetime After-Fire Replacement Guarantee.
  • This Fire Safe Box has a 30-Minute UL Fire protection rating for up to 1550°F and a 24 Hour waterproof seal 
  • Keylock system for more security.

This Water and Fireproof safe is the perfect storage of letters and legal documents, USB Flash Drives, DVDs, CDs, and more. Once you buy it, you buy peace of mind in order to protect your digital media and sensitive documents from fire and water damage.  

All those things make this Safe, a perfect gift to protect electronic media, personal documents, or valuables!

Fire Warrior-1700:  Ideal for Home Office Retail Use

We all know that a safe that is not fireproof has no use.

The fire warrior 1700 is nice and large, has a sturdy feel, three shelves, and a high UL fireproof rating. Overall, and personally, I’m very impressed. It comes with Electronic Locking System to safeguard Cash, Jewelry, Documents, etc.


Apart from that this fire-resistant safe has an LED display, Low battery indicator, and auto secure mode that makes this safe the best in this budget.


  • Set your own User PIN code to unlock your Digital Fireproof Safe, 
  • An Emergency Override Key in case of loss of PIN. 
  • Fire-Proof Stuffing Material (Cellulose Concrete), Seamless Moulded Case, Scratch Resistant safe.
  • It ensures the maintenance of inner temperature at less than 118°C, even while exposed to a flame of 1,030°C for an hour. 
  • 3 Adjustable Shelves & 1 Lockable Drawer inside. 
  • A 4-8 digit user PIN code can be entered
  • Dual Combination Mode: In this Mode, the Safe can be unlocked through a combination of – User PIN Code & Mechanical Key
  • Certifications: UL Fire Rated, Conforms to UL Test Standards

Online Visibility: 

On Amazon, it is listed on #247,456 in the Home Improvement category and #351 in Home Safes & Safe Accessories.  It makes it worth a try if you are actively looking to buy a Fireproof safe online. 

What is the best fireproof safe for home use?

After researching number of fireproof safe for home use as per the security features, durability and hardware the Honeywell 1102 safe locker is best for home use. As it is able to protect the valuable up to 30 Minute in case of Fire.

Also see –

How we have curated the list of fireproof waterproof safes for home and Jwelery Safes-

Fire proof safes are essential in terms of securing the valuables, so before making a list of top fire resistant safe box we have done a through research. Identified a wide range of fire and waterproof safes with different design and style and of course the security quotient. The maximum temperature range of 1500 degree and 30 minutes of fire protection was our key.

After that the locking mechanism, including hinges, locking bolts, and the built quality all are assessed to give the best result possible for fireproof safe for home. Apart from that we also have compiled a checklist for buying a fireproof safe in India, lets explore this-

Tips for Buying a Fireproof Safe-

  • Safes with a bolting system are designed to be attached to the floor for added security.
  • Do not keep the safe in plain sight
  • Store your safe in a place that’s inconspicuous or hidden.
  • Look for a safe that’s “UL listed” or “ETL verified

Before buying a fireproof safe box make a list of valuable you want to secure, it will help to fine the best fireproof safe for your home and eventually help in decision making.

5 Best Small Safe for Home Online in India 2022

Safety avoids accidents, and this is something we heard a lot. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and when it comes to safety at home no one wants to compromise with it. We all have important items related to personal and business life. To safeguard all those belongings a security safe is a must. 

A small safe for home is something that can take away your stress and headache in the event that an item is stolen. An Electronic safe offers both security and storage, the reason behind the popularity of a small safe for house is to make valuable protective. It provides peace of mind when you are not in the home. 

The Best Home Safes of 2022- 

We combed through top-rated safes and compared prices and features side by side to find the best.

  1. O- Laptop: Best overall home safe
  2. Ezee+ Safe: Best small safe for home
  3. Tusker 11:  Budget small jewelry safe
  4. O- Squire: Best biometric home safe
  5. Fire Warrior-22:  fireproof home safe

> Reviews: Best Small Home Safes Online

1. O- Laptop: Best overall home safe Locker

The O-Laptop is a durable and reliable electronic safe for home use. It is equipped with a user pin code and LED display along with that it also has the auto freeze feature that makes it more secure. Although it is not fireproof safe its price, warranty, and look make it the best among other safe lockers

Warranty: 24 Months

Ideal for: Home, Office, Hotel Use


  • Portable
  • Auto Secure Feature 
  • Strong Construction


  • Not a Fireproof and waterproof 

You can order this safe online from Amazon and the official website of Ozone by visiting this link

2. Ezee+: Small Digital Safe:

This tiny small safe is widely popular and one of the top-selling small safe box for homes. It comes with electronic locking and user pin access. the stainless steel material with a high-security emergency key makes it operatable in case you forget the user PIN. 

The compact design makes it easy to handle and it can be placed inside the cabinets, side tables, drawers, and almirahs. The 24 months warranty also gives reliability and its construction makes it durable.


  • High-Security Emergency Key
  • Touch Screen Digital Panel 
  • Fake PIN/Password Function 
  • External Battery Power Backup option if the battery runs out


  • The Volume (5.28 liters) is not something you can put everything on it.

3. Tusker 11: Best Jewellery Safe Locker for home

Security is not spent any more, it is an investment. When it comes to precious jewelry, you don’t want it to give the thieves and intruders. The tusker-11 safe looks costly in this category but comes with an extra layer of security that makes it the best jewelry safe. 

The Tusker-11 smart safe is ideal for daily valuables like cash, documents, and jewelry. It comes with scratch-resistant surface alongside powder coating, for convenience. The most important feature of this 10 ltr safe is its loud burglar alarm, which is activated when 3 consecutive wrong pin attempts.


  • 24 Months Warranty  
  • Set your own User PIN code to unlock your digital safe, 
  • Emergency override key
  • LED Display
  • Low Battery Indicator


  • Not a fireproof or waterproof safe

4. O- Squire: Best Biometric Home Safe

The O-Squire safe is made of high-quality stainless steel material and comes with an emergency override key. It can be used in  Home, Office & Hotel and is a perfect gift for personal use. If you are looking for a Durable and robust body with improved reliability for further protection then O-Squire safe is a wise choice for you.


  • User PIN code to unlock your digital Safe,
  • High-Security Emergency Key
  • Auto Secure Mode
  • LED Display
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • External Battery Backup


  • Not a fireproof or waterproof Safe

5. Fire Warrior-22: Best Fireproof Safe Locker for Home

The fire Warrior-22 is a heavy-duty fire-resistant safe. It is designed with Cellulose Concrete that makes it Fire-Proof, the scratch-resistant material and heavy-duty steel body make it durable. It ensures the maintenance of inner temperature at less than 118°C, even while exposed to a flame of 1,030°C for an hour.


  • Emergency Override Key in case of loss of PIN.
  • User PIN Code Access 
  • High-Security Emergency Key
  • Auto Secure Mode


Price is a little higher than other home safety lockers

The customer always buys safe to protect valuables from theft and fire accidents. for that Fire warrior, 22 is an absolute beast for a reasonable price. Although, I am a fan of Tusker 11 because it has the functionality you love it. While you can bolt this safe to the ground, there are (understandably) no other mounting options.

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Concealed Door Closer Online in India

Buy the best Locker for home online

Buy the best Concealed door closer in India 2022

The door closers are always in the priority for every house, unlike the traditional door closers, today commercial or residential properties are using a modern door closer and they are now an integral part of privacy, safety, and security.

Best Automatic Door Closers in India:

Before I tell you the best-concealed door closer, just take a look at the common automatic door closers –

  • Overhead door closers
  • Surface-mounted door closers
  • Floor spring door closers
  • Concealed door closers

Top 5 Concealed door closers-

Concealed door closers provide similar functionality to overhead door closers but are fitted within the door leaf and frame. This type of door closer helps to reduce vandalism, as most of the door closer is hidden from sight. In this post, I am going to show you the best-concealed door closer which you can buy online – 

1. Ozone CDC-3800 E Steel Concealed Door Closer, Grey

A fully hydraulic concealed door closer controlled adjustable closing speed in two independent ranges. The door closer is fire tested and certified by Warrington APT laboratory, UK.

Product Information:

Door Weight – 60 kg

Door Width – 950 mm

Door thickness – 35 mm

Maximum Angle of Door Opening – 120 degrees

Cycles Tested – 5 lac cycles

Color Finish – Silver

Material – Aluminum with rust-free feature

Warranty – 1 year

Extra Feature: Concealed rack & pinion door closer with EN3-

  • Power size adjustable
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Adjustable latching speed
  • Force resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant

Why you can consider it?

This concealed door closer is listed in #49,267 in the Home Improvement category and #180 in the Door Closers category in major online shopping platforms. Below are some other reasons to consider it –

  • CDC-3800 E is useful for both left and right-hand door openings.
  • Door closer with patch fitting and sleek construction
  • Easy to install, looks elegant, and works smoothly

CDC-3800 E Concealed Door Closer Price: Check here

2. Volo Automatic Hydraulic Concealed Pelmet Arm Door Closer-


A Premium Heavy Duty Double Speed door closer for Residential/Commercial Purpose with Fitting Set. It is Suitable for Right Hand & Left Hand Opening doors. It’s super thin, stylish, robust, and high performance makes it ideal for hotel rooms, reception rooms, hallway, and modern offices. 

Product specification:

Color: Silver

Door Weight Capacity: 30kg- 80kg

Door width: 1100-2100mm

Material: Aluminum

Item Weight: 1.8 kg

Why you can consider it?

  • Double speed- Adjustable latching speed
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Minimum door thickness for installation 40 mm
  • Easy installation
  • Universal mounting, can be used for right/left swing door
  • Heavy-duty with modern and slick design

This concealed door closer is listed in #5,087 in the Home Improvement category and #25 in the Door Closers category in major online shopping platforms in India.

3. Godrej Locks Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Door Closer (Silver):


When it comes to home appliances, who can forget the name Godrej. One of the prestigious companies delivering quality products. To make door opening and closing one can choose the Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Door Closer from Godrej.


  • Right hand and left-hand opening doors
  • Mounting on door panel or door frame
  • Feasible for Door weight up to 60kg
  • Door panel up to 900mm width
  • Door opening up to 180 degrees width
  • Adjustable closing and latching speed

It is listed at #35,780 in the Home Improvement segment and #188 in the Door Closers segment on Amazon. The best part of this concealed door closer is, one can get free installation for Doors and wooden frames

4. Yale Door Closer (DCR-503), Door Weight Upto 65 Kgs (Silver) https://amzn.to/2YeXpdo

If you are looking for reliable, durable yet great in appearance, then I would like to recommend Yale Door Closer. For any commercial application, you can rely on DCR-503 Yale Door closer.

Why do you consider Door closers?

Type: Surface mounted

Technology: Rack and pinion

Material: Aluminum

Item Dimension: 177 mm x 40 mm x 63 mm

Suitable for left and right-hand opening doors

Suitable for door width: 850- 950 mm

Suitable for door weight: Up to 60 kg

Speed adjustment: Two (closing and latching)

Warranty: 3 years from the date of purchase

Popularity in Online Portals: Architectural hardware products are hard to find, but fortunately you can find this Yale door closer on Amazon. The in-Home improvement category is listed in #1,523 and #16 in the Door Closers category.

5. TNL Aluminium Hydraulic Door Closer Pelmet


To buy durable, high-performing home appliance products under budget then you can consider TNL aluminum. The success of this company lies in its quality automatic door closer that is widely appreciated in the retail market.


  • Sliding Arm for Parallel Motion Track. Suitable for Compact and Superior Door wall Space Saver with Luxury Look.
  • Any Angle Hold open Track Arm, can be Adjusted as per your Choice angle Point.
  • Door Opening Angle 180 Degrees.
  • Two non-critical adjusting valves (sweep and latch) with thermostatic properties work to provide consistent closing speeds under a wide variety of temperatures.
  • Available with optional delayed action to delay door closing from maximum opening. Delay time is adjustable.

Note:  You have to fit it to the indoor side of the door, or to that side the door opens. Otherwise, you will not be able to open the door if you fit it to the wrong side.

Best Door Closer brand in India

The best-concealed door closer price ranges between 1500 to 5500 online in India as of December 2021. Many users search for which is the best door closer brand, for those I would like to suggest Ozone, Godrej, and Volo. They have a broad range of products you can choose from.  

As far as the brands go, Ozone door closers are among the best brands. They have a broad range from economy to luxury at a very reasonable price. Their door hardware products have received the trust of the consumers as well.

It is the most preferred brand in India and the Southeast Asian market for the best door hardware products. The brand provides door closers with the best features for the safety of the workers. 

5 best Electric Contact Cleaner in India 2022

Find the best electronic contact cleaner for mobile repairing. The best electric contact cleaner will let you clean flux residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment with pinpoint precision,

When it comes to repairing a device, a professional needs a set of tools, sometimes it becomes very tricky to choose the best contact cleaner which can blasts away oil, dirt, from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment

We’ve done our share of researching too, and these 5 best electric and electronic contact cleaners are some of the best you can get online.




Best Electronic contact cleaner for mobile repairing Recommendations

When it comes to electric or electronic repair work, an electronic contact cleaner is a must. Here is the top 5 electronic and electric contact cleaner in India –

  • 4S Cleaner
  • wd 40 specialist contact cleaner
  • Falcon 530 electrical contact spray
  • Maxx pamma 900
  • CRC electrical contact cleaner

#1 4S Cleaner


Professionals who appreciate a high quality soldering are probaby familiar with Quick.

#2 wd 40 specialist contact cleaner at lowest price


#3 Falcon 530 electrical contact spray

siron-878ad-Heavyduty Esd Safe-smd-machine-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar-Salem-Warangal-Mira-Bhayandar-Jalgaon-Kota-Guntur-Bhiwandi-Saharanpur

#4 Maxx pamma 900 Burn Free SMD Machine


#5 CRC 5103 electrical contact cleaner

Our Top Pick

Our pick for the best electronic contact cleaner for mobile repairing is 4S contact cleaner. It is reliable, under budget and durable.