5 best Electric Contact Cleaner in India 2020

Find the best electronic contact cleaner for mobile repairing. The best electric contact cleaner will let you clean flux residue and condensation from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment with pinpoint precision,

When it comes to repairing a device, a professional needs a set of tools, sometimes it becomes very tricky to choose the best contact cleaner which can blasts away oil, dirt, from sensitive electronics and electrical equipment

We’ve done our share of researching too, and these 5 best electric and electronic contact cleaners are some of the best you can get online.




Best Electronic contact cleaner for mobile repairing Recommendations

When it comes to electric or electronic repair work, an electronic contact cleaner is a must. Here is the top 5 electronic and electric contact cleaner in India –

  • 4S Cleaner
  • wd 40 specialist contact cleaner
  • Falcon 530 electrical contact spray
  • Maxx pamma 900
  • CRC electrical contact cleaner

#1 4S Cleaner


Professionals who appreciate a high quality soldering are probaby familiar with Quick.

#2 wd 40 specialist contact cleaner at lowest price


#3 Falcon 530 electrical contact spray

siron-878ad-Heavyduty Esd Safe-smd-machine-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar-Salem-Warangal-Mira-Bhayandar-Jalgaon-Kota-Guntur-Bhiwandi-Saharanpur

#4 Maxx pamma 900 Burn Free SMD Machine


#5 CRC 5103 electrical contact cleaner

Our Top Pick

Our pick for the best electronic contact cleaner for mobile repairing is 4S contact cleaner. It is reliable, under budget and durable.

Wireless Charger for Car: Our Top picks for Wireless Charging

Imagine a situation, you are driving a car and there is a low battery notification smartphone, and it is only a halfway to your destination. This now becomes a fear in everyone’s mind because mobile is now the necessity for navigation while driving.

One of my friend recently faced this issue and then I adviced to buy a wireless car charger online so that he can fixed this issue and make travelling hassle free.

It makes me write a blog post to share our top pick for the best wireless charger for car, you can buy online so that you can not meet the red mark of 10 per cent battery sign, so below are our top picks and keep reading to find out more wireless car charger for iPhone, Samsung, and other mobiles.

Why Buy Wireless charger for Car?

No one wants low battery issue, and specially when he is travelling, in a online meeting on zoom or going out to the unfamiliar location. In fact mobile phones have multipurpose use, it is used for navigation, calling, text, taking picks, online meeting and god knows, how much it is important.

So a wireless charger is simple gadget in your car which can fast charge your phone, while you are focusing on the drive.

How We find the best wireless car charger for you?

The search for the best wireless car charger started from the local shop, then it goes to online shopping platforms and then the malls. The customer reviews, friend circle feedback and the reliability etc more. while doing our research our questions are

  • The sturdiness of the mount?
  • The grip of smartphones is tight?
  • Ease of mounting and unmounting of mobile phone?
  • Phone stability on a rough road?

Top 5 Wireless car Charger India Online at Low Price

Best Wireless Mouse for laptop India 2020

Gone are the days when we used a wired mouse, which stuck and bound the productivity. It is the time to use Best wireless mouse for laptop and desktop. They are smooth, stylish and most important doesn’t stick in the middle.

The mouse is an integrated part and so before buying the next wireless mouse, I am going to share the essential elements and a handpicked list of top wireless mouse ranges between 200 to 2000.

At the end of the post, I am sure that you will able to make a decision to choose the best wireless mouse for a laptop online in India.

Best wireless mouse for the laptop to buy online Recommendations

The list of the top best wireless mouse for laptop works India starts from low to high price so Lace-up and grab some water because it’s time to hit the road.

The list is curated with through online research from bestselling to top reviewed wireless from a major online shopping platform to help you purchase your daily needed equipment without any hassle. So, here are our top 5 picks:

  • HP z3700
  • Logitech m235
  • Dell WM126
  • HP X3500 

#1 HP z3700 Wireless Bluetooth mouse for laptop work

HP is a renowned company in laptop manufacturing and this time they give Design and performance both in a single mouse, HP Z3700 is one of the best product in this price range, ideally made for laptop work from home.

HP-z3700-Wireless-Mouse-online-india-Dombivli-Vasai-Virar-Varanasi-Srinagar-Aurangabad-Dhanbad-Amritsar-Navi Mumbai-Allahabad-Howrah-Ranchi-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar-Salem-Warangal-Mira-Bhayandar-Jalgaon-Kota-Guntur-Bhiwandi-Saharanpur

The 2.4 GHz wireless connection and 16-month battery life makes it popular among the Indian audience. Apart from that below are some reason to choose this –

  • Blue LED Technology for flexible working
  • 1200 DPI optical sensor for enhanced accuracy
  • Plug and play Bluetooth wireless mouse

#2 Dell WM126 Wireless Mouse under 1000 INR

A Red colour mouse, one of the top-selling wireless mouse online in India. WM126 has the quality to remain smooth in long use. If you have previously used the Dell products and looking for the reliable wireless Bluetooth mouse then you must give it a try.

dell-wireless-mouse-wm126-laptop-india-Rajkot-Kalyan-Dombivli-Vasai-Virar-Varanasi-Srinagar-Aurangabad-Dhanbad-Amritsar-Navi Mumbai-Allahabad-Howrah-Ranchi-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar-Salem-Warangal-Mira-Bhayandar-Dell Wireless Mouse-WM126 reduce the cable clutter and its contoured design feels great in either hand. The mouse features three clickable buttons (left, right, and middle) and includes a scroll wheel for ease of use

  • Great for everyday use at home or in the office
  • Quick setup and easy installation

#3 LogiTech m235 best wireless mouse for laptop India 2020

M235 Logitech is yet another wireless mouse under budget, its 2.4 GHz technology makes it ideal for office use. You will not believe that it has received the highest reviews and rating for the wireless mouse under 1000 INR category.

Logitech-M235-Wireless-Mouse-2.4-GHz-Thane-Bhopal-Indore-Pimpri-Chinchwad-Patna-Vadodara-Ghaziabad-Ludhiana-Agra-Nashik-Faridabad-Meerut-Rajkot-Kalyan-Dombivli-Vasai-Virar-Varanasi-Srinagar-Aurangabad-Dhanbad-Amritsar-Navi Mumbai-Allahabad-Howrah-Ranchi-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar-Salem-Warangal-Mira-Bhayandar-Jalgaon-Kota-

Here are some reasons which make Logitech M235 Wireless mouse best in the category –

  • Extended Battery life
  • LEd indicator
  • On/Off Switch
  • Flexibility with all OS.
  • Laser Grade tracking


Buy the Best SMD Rework Station Online in India

Find the best SMD machine under 5000. The best SMD will let you fix any PCB issues with comfort.

We’ve done our share of researching too, and these 5 SMD machines are some of the best you can get under 5000. Lace-up and grab some water, because it’s time to hit the road.




Best SMD Machine under 5000 for mobile repairing Recommendations

Soldering is one of the most delicate things which needs a professional hand. No matter your age or experience, a best SMD machine can help in most of the mobile hardware issues. In order to produce the information about best SMD rework station, we have thoroughly researched the mobile tool market and made the conclusion that these 5 SMD machines are best, see the list-

  • Quick 900
  • maxx pamma 858D
  • SIRON 878AD
  • Maxx pamma 900
  • BABA 850 AD

#1 Quick 900 Medium Budget 3 in 1 SMD Machine

3-in-1-smd-machine-quick-900-Thane-Bhopal-Indore-Pimpri-Chinchwad-Patna-Vadodara-Ghaziabad-Ludhiana-Agra-Nashik-Faridabad-Meerut-Rajkot-Kalyan-Dombivli-Vasai-Virar-Varanasi-Srinagar-Aurangabad-Dhanbad-Amritsar-Navi Mumbai-Allahabad-Howrah-Ranchi-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar

Professionals who appreciate a high quality soldering are probaby familiar with Quick.

A medium-budget SMD reworks Station, Quick 900 comes with an adjustable  5v DC variable heat setting, Built-in Hot Air Gun and 12W Micro Soldering IronBattery Eliminator, 3x Air Gun Nozzles.

Thanks to high-quality materials and manufacturing, top notch finishing hae allowed this SMD machine to make more soldering work easy then eer.

#2 Maxx Pamma 858D All in One SMD at lowest price


If you prefer Maxx pamma products over others then you must check this budget smd, maxx pamma 858D is one of the rare kind of smd which makes desoldering process smooth and its plastic burn free features safeguards other components.

Smooth desoldering has unique demand that a traditional smd can’t fulfil, and , 858D comes equipped with all the feature you need in a good SMD.

Automatic temperature control upto 450 degrees, round tips nozzle worth 300 along with soldering wire and a warranty of 6 month is not a bad deal. Apart from that the online popularity of 858D maxx pamma SMD is the reason it is listed in second position in our list.

#3 SIRON 878D 2 in 1 Soldering Station

siron-878ad-Heavyduty Esd Safe-smd-machine-Gwalior-Jabalpur-Coimbatore-Vijayawada-Jodhpur-Madurai-Raipur-Chandigarh-Guwahati-Solapur-Hubli–Dharwad-Mysore-Tiruchirappalli-Bareilly-Aligarh-Tiruppur-Gurgaon-Moradabad-Jalandhar-Bhubaneswar-Salem-Warangal-Mira-Bhayandar-Jalgaon-Kota-Guntur-Bhiwandi-Saharanpur

This extremely lightweight multifunction smd made for home and industrial purpose. You can say it is hot air and iron digital smd rework station.

SIRON 878AD is full made in india ESD Protected Hot Air and Iron Rework Station. It comes with a soldering iron as well as a temperature controlled hot air blower attachment.

You will get 1 Soldering Iron, 1 Hot Air Gun, 1 Station, 3 Nozzles of Different Sizes, 1 Stand in the whole package.

#4 Maxx pamma 900 Burn Free SMD Machine


It doesn’t matter what level of proficiency you have or how good you are at soldering. Maxx pamma auto cut 900 smd rework station is ideal for mobile reparing work.

Maxx Pamma 900 SMD was launched in 2019 and was low profile in these days and slowly got the response from the customer and now in 2020 it widely popular smd in the market.

It comes with soldering station, micro pen iron, power supply and hot gun. best smd rework station in india, and it is no denying fact that for a small mobile repairing shop this SMD machine is best.

#5 BABA Tools SMD 850 AD Online


High-quality SMD machine from BABA tools Delhi. The nozzle, wire, the temperature setting is almost top-notch, and that is the reason it was widely popular in the year 2019.

BABA tools have other SMD machines in that range you can also see 930D, K3, 850AT. For those who love automatic SMD machine, and already familiar with baba tools know how BABA850AD SMD is best in SMD machine low price category.

We have found baba 850AD is a durable and a product you can rely on for mobile and laptop motherboard repairing.

Buy baba 850 ad smd online at low Price in India


Still in doubt about choosing the best SMD Machine?
Your all questions are answered here!

Q. What is the full form of SMD machine?

A. In mobile repairing, SMD stands for the surface-mount device, an electronic device for which the components like resistor, capacitor, or integrated circuit are mounted into Printed circuit board (PCB).

Q. Which is the best SMD machine, automatic or manual?

A. Automatic SMD has greater functionality than the manual one. For ease and greater functionality, we would like to recommend automatic SMD machine.

Q. What are the prices of SMD machine on Flipkart?

A. Flipkart has a variety of SMD rework station, you can choose as per the budget, the prices ranged from 6500 to 15000.

Q. What is the SMD machine price in Delhi?

A. You can buy all brand SMD rework station in Delhi, The price is based on the brand you are selecting, and if you order online it includes the courier charges as well.


To make this list of best SMD machine in India for mobile phone repairing, we have included the different factors like a low price, durability, ease of working and power consumption.

Our pick for the best SMD machine under 5000 is the SIRON 878AD and Maxx pamma 900 3 in 1 SMD. They are great all-around rework station, portable and durable.

Best OCA Lamination Machine Online in India 2020

Many jobs require the accuracy, and when it comes to replacing a broken mobile glass it becomes more challenging. OCA Lamination machine is much convenient to do so and are popular among mobile repairing professionals. Checkout our oca machine reviews and find the best oca lamination machine for glass repairing in the Indian market.

  • Best Overall
  • Best Value
  • Honorable Mention

Why Trust Us?

All our reviews are based on the market research which we did by one to one communication with the people who are replacing the glass screen for years.

Benefits of OCA Lamination Machine –

  • Easy to use: The best oca lamination machine will enable you to fix a broken screen without having any accidental damage. put it on lamination chamber, and remoe bubble if any in air bubble remover.
  • Accuracy: The accuracy of oca lamination machine is the thing which makes it run over a long time. You have no longer rely on the old fashioned glass repairing machine. A new oca machine will far more smooth and take less time in the process.
  • Convenient: The new oca machine are just required a push to start, some of them are automatic, some are 5 in 1 and some are even 3 in 1 mobile oca machine

Types of OCA Lamination Machine:

  • Flat: It is totally up to you to choose a flat specific machine, such machines are made for flat screen mobile phone, for the edge you need to use base mould
  • Edge: If your mobile repairing business receives customers for edge screen than you can go with such a machine.
  • Flat+ Edge Mobile OCA Machine: A new edge high-end oca machines compatible with both types of mobile phones. They are more productive, durable and many other functions.


Best Services

Best services have various models of mobile LCD lamination machine. The company was formed in Delhi with the launch of bst series mobile oca machine. One popular product is the BST 2 oca machine.


YMj is a pioneer in mobile repairing machine They have launched their product in years back and it is still popular in the market.

G2 mark

It was founded in Kolkata, West Bengal. Primarily it is known for offering mobile software tools but now they are manufacturing a lot of mobile repairing tools, machines and accessories. Two of its popular products are RE 700 and RE 793 OCA Machine

BABA Tools

BABA tools design low budget, effective tools and machines to make the professional work easier. Two of its top products are baba 2100 and microscope. The head office of baba tools is located in Karolbagh, Delhi.


Lohia Telecom is also based on Delhi. The company manufactures various tool including
touch screen, touch panel, microscope and more. Two of its top popular products are Lohia 786 and Lohia 888 oca machine.

Best OCA Lamination Machine Recommendations 2020

Lohia 888 OCA Machine

The Lohia 888 oca machine is newly launched in the Indian market, it has an excellent finish, and easy to use interface.

BABA 2100

It is a 4 part oca machine, which comes with lamination chamber, bubble remover, air compressor and vacuum pump. it was the top-selling oca lamination machine of 2019.

YMJ OCA Machine

YMJ OCA machine is considered a machine of the high budget range, but working on YMJ is an amazing experience. It is the price which can make you disappoint otherwise it is a top choice!

OCA Lamination Machine Pricing
  • Under 50000

A Low cost display glass lamination machine will cost around 45 to 50 K

  • 50,000 – 60,000

A flat specific high-quality oca lamination machine will come in this range, perfect for mobile shop and service centre.

  • Over 60,000

Machines with supreme quality, the weight parts everything is in top-notch in these machines.


  • Which is the best oca lamination machine?

When it comes buying something it totally depends on the budget and the need. Whether it is YMJ, BST2, BABA2100 or Lohia 888, see which oca lamination machine fulfils your need.

  • What is oca paper
  • How does oca machine work?


Our pick for the best OCA Lamination machine is the Lohia 888 OCA Machine. It’s accurate, simple to use, and very light and compact, so it’s easy to carry around.

If you want a more budget-friendly option, consider the BST 1, KO No 2, BABA 2100 oca machine.


7 Best screwdriver set for mobile phones Repairing India 2020

In today’s competitive market, one needs to be accurate and effective in their work at the same time. For a mobile phone technician efficiency also lies on his tools




Best Screwdriver sets

Best screwdriver set for mobile phones

Today we will talk about the best screwdriver set for mobile phones repairing so that next time when you are assembling or disassembling the phone you done it more smoothly and the tool you can rely on…

7. PagKis Screwdriver Tool Kit

A low budget screwdriver set for opening PDA device, mobiles and laptops. If you have a little budget or a hobbyist then you can consider this mobile repair tool kit.

  • 3 Philips head screwdriver bits.
  • T8 ~ T9 | PH#000 for opening Samsung galaxy series mobiles
  • Precision machined bits made of chrome vanadium with strong magnetic properties

The package contains 2 openers , 1 tweezer and 8 PC’s reversible driver bits

6. Techtest 25 in 1 Screwdriver Set

A universal and portable repair toolkit, ideal mobile screwdriver set for opening a variety of electronic gadgets. 25 head sizes give the flexibility of disassembling. 

  • High-end leather protects screwdrivers from losing, crushing.
  • Aviation aluminium made high-quality grip.

Usage: repairing computers, smartphones, television, telephone, glasses, CD/VCD/DVD device, optical device. A practical tool for repairing.

5. MMobiel 24 in 1 Screwdriver Set for Smartphones

With the affordable and well-organized High-Quality Toolkit, you’ll have access to 24 bits, disassemble, change broken parts of mobile, Computers, laptops with ease.

  • Includes 50 meters 2mm adhesive tape set of 3 Anti Static Tweezers, SIM PIN and more.
  • Compatible with iPhone, Google Pixel, Honor, one plus, Samsung, Sony, redmi, oppo etc..
  • Easy to work, lightweight and portable screwdriver for mobile repairing

4. JAKEMY JM-8169 48 in 1 Screwdriver Set  – 

JAKEMY JM-8169 is a multipurpose screwdriver set with a minimum aluminium case. It works for almost every electronics gadget like a mobile phone, laptop, game consoles, eyeglasses, computer etc.

There a lot of pros of using Jakemy JM-8169 Screwdriver set, few are listed below: 

  • S2 Steel Material – Extraordinary hardness and superior toughness 
  • 25 Magnetic Bits to fit well to tiny screws of your electronics
  • Mini aluminium alloy case makes it easy to carry or store, light and portable. 

Get your hands on with Jakemy 48 in 1 screwdriver set and make the disassembling process more effective.

3. AMICI 25 in 1 Multi Pocket Repair Tool Kit-


AMICItool’s screwdriver set primarily designed for laptop device, but it is also capable of disassembling of various mobile phone, watches, and other electronic gadgets. The aviation aluminium made grip, durable heads make this screwdriver a real worth of money.

  • Leather wallet for screwdriver protection, portable and not easy to drop.
  • 25 screwdriver heads give you more option for disassembling mobile phones.
  • Screwdriver heads have been processed with high temperature.
  • Non-magnetic Screw Driver Tool
  • Compatible with ALL iPhones 3G to 7 plus, ALL Samsung Galaxy phones and others as well

2. Quad Store 60 In 1 Toolkit

A real gem in the category this 60in1 screwdriver toolkit is professional’s choice. this precision screw drier set is capable of doing assembling and dissembling of almost every electronic device, and it makes it must-have repair toolkit for home and professional workplace.

  • 60 Bits are made of s2 shock resistant tool steel.
  • Ergonomic press and push design make it durable.

Suitable for mobile/smartphone, laptop, tv, radio, watches, spectacles and general electronic goods etc.

1. Eocean 110 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Repair Tool Kit

The reason for being it on the top of the list is its functionality with 110 bits and a lot of accessories makes it an ideal choice and value for money.

  • Multi-Magnetic Screwdriver Set
  • High Quality and Well designed toolkit
  • Impact-resistant tool steels to tighten the screws during the repair
  • Lightweight, portable and compact design

Perfect for repairing laptops, mobile devices, laptops, iPhones, camera and other precision items like wristwatches and eyeglasses.

If you are running a mobile repairing shop, you have a lot of customers come with mobile phone repairing. a mini screwdriver set in the shop is must haVe thing. so we have shared this list to find best screwdriver set in India.

As you can see in the top of the screwdriver set for mobile phone repairing, the screwdriver set is one of the most durable customs kits you can buy.

Find the best screwdriver set for mobile phones and disassemble mobile phones like never before!

Best 5 Tailoring machine with table price list India

Tailoring is an art and you need the right machine to accomplish the masterpiece. Whether a beginner or a professional a good sewing machine can save time and improve the skillset.

Tailoring Machine Online

The Price List includes a total of 5 tailoring machine for home use. Find the lowest prices in India along with product specifications, key features, pictures, sewing type and more. The key features like in-built stitches, length adjustments, several foot pressers to make your job even easy.




Tailoring machine with table price list with Key Features:

SEWING MACHINESSewing TypeIn Built StitchesWarrantyBuy Now
Usha Janome Dream Stitch Sewing MachineElectrical72 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Brother FS101 Computarized Sewing MachineComputerized1001 YearCHECK ON AMAZON
Usha Janome Zig Zag Electric Sewing MachineElectrical132 YearsCHECK ON AMAZON
Singer Promise 1408 Sewing MachineElectrical8ElectricalCHECK ON AMAZON
Qualimate Mini Portable Sewing MachineElectricalCHECK ON AMAZON

#1 USHA JANOME DREAM STICH for Zig-Zag Stiching


Whether you are a beginner or professional this sewing machine is perfect for all ages. It uses Japanese technology which enhances its productivity and increased functionality. The function like zig- zag stitching, rolled hamming, lace fixing makes it popular among the customer across the globe.

Visit this link to know about dream stich embroidery, demo, needle size and manual

#2 Brother GS 1700 Sewing Machine for Home

Brother GS 1700 is smart sewing machine under 12000. It comes with 17 in built stiches, top load bobbin and automatic neddle threading system which makes it better than any other common sewing machine for home and professional use.

Visit this link to know more about Brother GS 1700 Tailoring machine.

#3 Singer 8280 Tailoring Machine


A light weight portable sewing machine with compact design, Singer 8280 is the professional’s choice.

Singer 8280 tailoring machine has adjustable presser foot pressure and the preset pressure works for most fabrics. The unique feature of 8280 is its reverse stitch lever, it is not like other Singer machines. The reverse stitch lever looks like it came from another world.

#4 Bernette Milan 3 : 21 Stitch Automatic Home Sewing Machine

Thread tension in sewing machine is always a matter of concern and the solution is in bernette milan 3 machine. It has bernette bobbins that always maintains the consistent thread tension. This enables you to produce the accurate and fast sewing and embroidery projects.

Visit this link to know more about Bernette Milan 3 Tailoring machine.

#5 Singer Promise 1408 Tailoring Machine

A low budget sewing machine, Singer 1408 has 8 in built stitches which includes 6 basic, 1 automatic 4 step buttonhole along with 1 decorative stitches.

Its easy threading, easy on and off change presser feet is the reason it is listed in top 5 position in tailoring machine category.

Buy Tailoring Machine Online –

We have compiled this list to guide you towards the best Stitching Machine / Tailoring Machine सिलाई मशीन online. All these sewing machines are medium and ideal for home use.

Select from the best range of Sewing Machines such as Electric Sewing Machine Usha, Singer, Brother, Zenith and more online at the best price.

Topic: Best Tailoring Machine with table price list for home and Professional Use in India | Available on Amazon

7 Days UFI Box Training Online in India to make you Expert

What is UFI Box?

UFI Box can solve a lot of mobile software problems. As you know in soft unbricking, software repairing becomes impossible if a phone has damaged eMMC. This problem becomes worse because boot repairing with jtag will not workout.

To solve this issue here is all in one mobile software repairing toolbox which has enhanced capacity known as UFI Tool Box.

If you are passionate about learning how to use UFI box at its optimum and looking for a UFI box training centre online then you are in the right place.

7 days UFI Box Training online –

As you know many complex problems of a mobile phone can be done via eMMC work and by updating firmware. UFI box gives the ability to repair/resize/format/write full data.


Training Highlights –

In this 7 days online UFI box training, you will learn how to set up, how to use and how to install UFI box so that you can take the maximum benefit of this mobile software repairing box. below are some highlight of online UFI box training –

  • How to Install and setup UFI?
  • How to update the firmware?
  • Working with eMMC
  • How to install yearly updates?
  • IO pins and USB host
  • What are the advantages of UFI Box?

UFI Tool Online Training Syllabus-

UFI Tool has lot of capability and it soles many mobile problems. In this training program we will training you step by step, that is the reason we have created syllabus after a lot of research.

  • UFI box installation and features.
  • how to work with ISP pinout.
  • how to read eMMC DUMPs.
  • Oppo Dead recovery and DUMP write.
  • How safe work with isp on Ufi Box.
  • Dump Reprogramming in ISP Pinout All Mediatek CPU
  • UFI Deep Information And eMMC repair without DUMP file.
  • Samsung J1 Dead Boot Repair on ISP Pinout.
  • Ufi box Emmc Change or Upgrade eMMC Compatibility.
  • How To Find ISP Pinout.
  • UFI ISP Pinout Basic Tips & Tricks.
  • flashing failed 98% And CPB File Usage.
  • Samsung Bootloop Odin Fails To Flash System.img.
  • Qualcomm Hang on the logo, Flash Fail Fixing
  • Xiaomi Redmi Removes Mi Account & Xiaomi Redmi Flashing.
  • Oppo Or Realme downgrade and fix boot/recovery image destroyed and hang on the logo.
  • Active Identify Device Button Without Firmware.
  • Redmi 6 OR Redmi 6A Change eMMC & IMEI Repair.
  • UFI Box Modifies UFI ISP Adapter V2, UFi-Lite Adapter, And Realme 3 VCC Detection Fix.
  • Ufi Box flashing via ISP Pinout
  • Samsung Dead boot repair with Ufi Box.
  • How to find eMMC pinout | Without eMMC Open Find ISP Pinout.
  • MTK Dead After Flash Reprogram eMMC || eMMC Replacement.
  • Flash file Download Tools.
  • Honour, Huawei, Lenovo, Moto, Oppo, Vivo Firmware Download Tools Free
  • Oppo, Realme After OTA UpGrade Restart Problem, Downgrade Or Restart Fix
  • Realme 3 Pattern Unlocks (CPU Drill) On ISP Pinout
  • Redmi 5A Only EMCP Upgrade 16gb To 32gb With EMMc Change File.
  • Mediatek CPU Flashing Bug Fix On UFI Software version
  • Cpu Drill theory knowledge For Perfect Work And Unlock Realme 3 (RMX1821)
Who can join UFI training?

This is an online UFI training program, whether you are from Coimbatore, Chennai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra or out of India you can join this course.

Why Join UFI Training program?

This UFI training program will make an expert in UFI eMMC toolbox/UFI android tools box, flashing, unlocking the bootloader and dead boot repair. At the same time, you get familiar with mi account remove, oppo phone user unlock, Xiaomi, redmi user lock and much more.

Ultimately by learning all of these, you can increase more customer base and your income.

Training Outcomes

online UFI Training program is ideal for beginners, professional mobile technicians and hobbyist. Working on UFI box indian version or internation version is a great skill which you have in your arsenal. It ultimately increases your demand and earning your business.

While researching about the corse content, some of the questions which we find are below –

  • What is UFI box?
  • how do I install UFI box?
  • how do I find my isp pinout without eMMC?
  • what is isp pinout?
  • what are the MRT tool and UMT pro?

All these questions are basics this UFI box training program will give you a complete understanding and at the end of the course, you will able to get the true potential of this software tool.

So don’t delay join this 7 days online UFI training program.

Get online UFI training and use UFI box as a Pro!